Enjoying 100 different types of Ochawari

Chawari Meguro(Meguro, Tokyo)

Ochawari is a Japanese beverage that combines tea and alcohol. Typically, it’s made by mixing tea with carbonated water or plain water, often served with ice. This allows for a delightful fusion of the flavors and qualities of both tea and alcohol. Blending Japan’s traditional tea culture with its love for alcoholic beverages, Ochawari offers a diverse range of tastes and has gained popularity among various demographics.

The specialized Ochawari dinner, Chawari Meguro is renowned for its offering of 100 varieties of Ochawari and 100 types of fried chicken. At this establishment, patrons can relish an array of dishes ranging from izakaya fare to innovative creations by a French-trained chef, all featuring tea-infused delights.

A highlight of Chawari is its signature 100 varieties of Ochawari. With a selection of 10 teas and 10 liquors, customers can individually combine them to create 100 unique Ochawari options. The tea choices span from stem tea and roasted green tea to yuzu-infused green tea, Awa evening tea, and blue butterfly pea green tea. Similarly, the alcohol selection includes a diverse range such as shochu, awamori, gin, brandy, cassis, and amaretto.

Much like the Ochawari, the 100 types of fried chicken provide a personalized experience. Patrons can select from 10 chicken parts, including thigh, breast, tenderloin, and gizzard, and choose from 10 seasonings like garlic soy sauce, yuzu pepper, plum, and wasabi.
A standout tea-infused creation is the “Emu Fillet and Matcha Tartare,” which pairs excellently with a tea split blending stem tea and brandy.

The interior boasts a stylish ambiance reminiscent of a bar, featuring an open kitchen. It’s a comfortable space for couples and women to enjoy their meals without any hesitation.

Store Information
Address: Sunwood Meguro B1F, 1-3-28 Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6417-9811
Opening hours:  Mon-Fri 5pm-11:30pm Sat, Sun, Holiday 3pm-11:30pm
Open seven days a week 
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