Meguro pottery store selling Japanese tea pot

SORA(Meguro, Tokyo)

Located in Meguro Tokyo, “SORA” is a pottery store that specializes in unique ceramic tableware crafted by individual artists.

The store also offers a rich selection of tea utensils. They sell the highly regarded teapots created by Mr. Kato Zai, known for his teapots that combine usability and beauty. Mr. Kato Zai’s exhibitions are held twice a year, featuring a wide array of his works.

Additionally, you can find other tea utensils such as shibori-dashi (a type of teapot) and yuzamashi (a water cooler) by Mr. Masatoshi Ichino, known for his Tanba ware, as well as hōhin (a kind of teapot) by Mr. Hitoshi Morimoto, famous for his Bizen ware. For the latest available products, please visit the store’s online shop.

Store information
Address: 5-5-6 Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3791-4334
Opening hours: 11am-5pm 
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
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