Explore the Exciting and Delightful World of Japanese Tea

Japan is known as the “Land of Tea” and is one of the rare countries in the world with a rich tea culture. Various regions boast distinctive tea-producing areas, each offering a diverse range of teas with unique flavors and aromas. In recent years, Japan has seen a surge in specialty shops and cafes across the country where people can enjoy Japanese tea.
The millennial and Generation Z, in particular, have shown increasing interest in Japanese tea, leading to the gradual expansion of a diverse and next-generation Japanese tea culture.

“Japan Tea Guide” is a web media platform that navigates this exciting and new world of Japanese tea. It introduces various shops related to Japanese tea, including popular Japanese tea cafes and tea retailers. The platform also showcases trending matcha sweets and shops specializing in tea cocktails, among other tea-related content. Additionally, it delivers the latest news on tea events and new tea products from all over Japan.
Embark on a journey of new discoveries and delightful experiences in the thriving world of Japanese tea. Explore the “now” of the Japanese tea scene, filled with excitement and inspiration.

Our Member

Kazutaka Miura Director

Born into a 4-generation tea farming family in Shizuoka, I pursued a career in the media industry, working for a publishing company and a PR firm. At some point, through a series of fateful coincidences, I became captivated by tea and entered the world of Japanese tea.
I joined a Japanese tea company managed by a friend who was the 3rd generation in Shizuoka. At the company, I worked in sales and PR based in Tokyo, where I initiated various initiatives.
In November 2021, I decided to embark on an independent journey and launched the Japanese tea business, “Japan Tea Guide(Nihoncha Seikatsu).”

At Japan Tea Guide, I personally travel around Japan, carefully selecting and introducing shops that I believe everyone would love to visit. When you’re on the lookout for cafes or exploring the world of Japanese tea, I encourage you to make use of Japan Tea Guide. We will continue to deliver exciting topics that will make your life with Japanese tea even more enjoyable.

Shio Ozawa

Having worked for a newspaper company and being deeply involved in editing, sports, and cultural projects, I thrived in a fast-paced environment unique to the newspaper industry. Amidst the hectic pace, I found solace in the calming moments of tea time, which became an essential part of my routine.
As my interest in tea grew, I eventually joined a specialized tea shop that caters to tea enthusiasts from around the world. At the tea shop, I had the privilege to offer approximately 200 varieties of tea in the salon and also served as a school instructor for over a decade.
I conducted tea classes covering a wide range of genres, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea, herbal tea, and more. My expertise lies in tailoring custom-made courses and creating unique tea recipes that cater to the specific needs of clients and address their tea-related concerns.

Natsuki Hara

I am a 21st generation trainee of Japanese tea instructors. I was truly captivated by the allure of Japanese tea after being deeply moved by the taste of “Yama no Ibuki” tea, a unique tea variety. As a devoted Japanese tea enthusiast, I have tasted over 100 different types of Japanese tea, including rare and lesser-known cultivars. Exploring these various teas has only strengthened my passion for Japanese tea.
While I enjoy visiting Japanese tea cafes, my true sanctuary lies in the tea gardens, where I feel a profound connection with the essence of tea. It is a place that holds a special significance for me. Among the many tea varieties, “Yama no Ibuki,” “Shoushu,” and “Yamanami” hold a special place in my heart, as they each offer a taste that I deeply cherish.

Company Profile

Company NameNihon Cha Seikatsu LLC
Date of EstablishmentAugust 30, 2022
Company AddressImai Building 5A, 1-26-4, Nihonbashikakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
RepresentativeKazutaka Miura
Our Service Providing support services to revitalize the Japanese tea industry
1)Operation of Japanese tea web media
2) Planning and operation of Japanese tea events and seminars
3) Operation of Japanese tea catering services
4) Public relations activities for the Japanese tea industry
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