We are seeking various information related to tea

At Japan Tea Guide, we welcome information and press releases related to new products, new shops, and events in the field of Japanese tea. If you wish to have your information featured, kindly submit it through the dedicated form provided below.
We will use the information you provide as a reference to create news articles for our platform. However, please note that the decision to publish is based on our site’s guidelines and does not guarantee article publication.
Rest assured that there is no charge for featuring your information, as we aim to serve as a platform for disseminating news and updates about tea-related endeavors. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to share your initiatives related to tea with our audience.

Main Information Provided by Japan Tea Guide:

– New tea products
– New tea services
– New tea brands
– New openings of tea cafes and tea retailers
– Announcements of tea events, seminars, and workshops
– Reports on tea-related events
– Tea-related initiatives and projects
– Shops and events related to teapots and tea utensils
– New openings of shops offering tea sweets

In addition to the above, we welcome all types of information related to tea.

Points to Note for Submission:

– Publication requests do not guarantee that the information will be directly converted into articles.
– Specific publication dates cannot be specified.
– Up to 3 images can be provided for publication. The maximum file size for each image upload through the form is 5MB.
– Each company or organization is limited to one publication request per month.

Publication Request Form: 

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Please send press releases to the following email address.
Additionally, we are open to receiving interview requests from stores and companies. Depending on the content of the interview, it may be featured in the form of a “sponsored advertisement” with a fee. For any inquiries related to interviews, please contact us at the email address below.

Contact for Press Releases and Interview Requests:

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