【Japanese Tea Collection 2023】December 2-3 in Shinjuku, Tokyo

A brand-new Japanese tea event “Japanese Tea Collection 2023” will be held at Tokuyu Kaikan in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on December 2 and 3, 2023. This event will be held for the first time under the theme of “Collaboration between the tea industry and the world of tea ceremony in Japan”. it will bring together tea producers, tea merchants, Japanese tea stores, tea ceremony schools, and others active in the world of tea from all over Japan to introduce the diverse appeal of Japanese tea and tea ceremony culture.

Enjoy a variety of Japanese tea experiences in one day

Four main programs will be held on three floors of the venue A wide range of Japanese teas will be gathered, beyond the boundaries of tea types between sencha and matcha, including hojicha, Japanese black tea, gyokuro, and more.
Please enjoy the profound world of the Japanese tea industry and tea ceremony, which has been nurtured over a long history of more than 1,000 years.

1. Tea Tasting Experience and Japanese Tea Marché(2nd floor)

“Tea Tasting Experience and Japanese Tea Marché” will be held at the main venue on the 2nd floor. Tea producers and Japanese tea stores from Fukuoka, Tokushima, Kyoto, Shizuoka, Ishikawa, and other regions of Japan will open their stores. 12 booths will be lined up at the venue to introduce a wide variety of teas, including sencha, matcha, black tea, and hojicha.
Participants can visit each booth and enjoy a variety of Japanese teas. Compare blended and single-origin teas, enjoy the changing tastes of different regions, varieties, and production methods, and find your favorite tea. Specialty tea leaves, matcha sweets and tea utensils will also be sold at each booth.

Japanese Tea Tasting & Marche – List of Stalls

【Yame Tea】Harada Chaen / Chanotoki(Fukuoka)
【Awa Bancha】Kamikatsu-TeaMate(Tokushima)
【Uji Matcha】 Ryuouen Chaho & Ochamura (Kyoto)
【Kaga Hojicha & Black tea】Uchikoshi Tea Factory (Ishikawa)
【Nishio Matcha】Nanzanen (Aichi)
【Single Origin Sencha】 Daishin Noen (Shizuoka)
【Shizuoka Tea】Chatsutei (Shizuoka)
【Blended Sencha】Fukumotoen, Kiminoen, Seifuen (Tokyo)
【Sayama Tea】 Sayama Tea Avengers by Matsuzuen Chaho (Saitama)
【Japanese black tea & oolong tea】Ocha wo Okuruhito (Saitama)
【Okukuji Tea】Okuji Tea Association & Daigo Specialty Distribution Company (Ibaraki)
【Tea utensils】 Chazakka (Tokyo)

Tasting Ticket is required

To participate in the tea tasting experience, you will need a “Tasting Ticket (11 tickets)”. Each ticket entitles you to sample one cup of tea, and you can enjoy 11 cups of tea with the purchase of a single ticket.
A total of about 30 types of tea will be available at all booths for the tasting experience. Additional tickets can be purchased at the venue.
 *Visitors wearing kimono will receive a tasting ticket (5 tickets) as a gift.

Advance tickets: 1,200 yen
Door tickets: 1,500 yen
※If you need assistance to purchase the ticket, please email us here

2. Matcha and Sencha Tea Ceremony Experience (3rd floor)

A tea ceremony experience will be held in the authentic Japanese-style room on the third floor. The Dai nihon Chado Gakkai, a school of tea ceremony, and the Ogasawara-ryu Senchado, a school of sencha tea ceremony, will hold a special tea ceremony. This tea ceremony experience allows you to enjoy a lecture on the tea ceremony and enjoy matcha or gyokuro tea and wagashi(sweets). This is a casual experience for those interested in the tea ceremony, as well as for those who have never attended a tea ceremony before or have no knowledge of the tea ceremony

和室で抹茶を!(Enjoy Matcha in a Japanese-style room)by Dainihon Chado Gakkai

Dainihon Sado Gakkai offers a special tea ceremony experience called “Matcha in a Japanese-style room! is a special opportunity to experience the world of the tea ceremony in a relaxed atmosphere.
The tea ceremony is a special time to relax and experience the world of tea ceremony.
You will enjoy a peaceful time while listening to a lecture on how to enjoy and drink matcha, starting with the decorations of the Japanese-style room and the meaning of tea ceremony. You will also experience how to open and close the sliding doors of a Japanese-style room and how to behave in a Japanese-style room.

【Time】 10:45 – 16:45 
*There will be 12 sessions held every 30 minutes starting at 10:45.
【Time required】Approx. 30 min.
【Participation fee】 2000 yen
【Capacity】 5 people per session
※If you need assistance to purchase the ticket, please email us here. You can also apply for the tea ceremony experience by email.

煎茶道の世界にようこそ(Welcome to the World of Senchado) by Ogasawara-ryu Senchado

”Welcome to the World of Senchado” is a hands-on event held by the Ogasawara-ryu Senchado.
Participants will watch a tea ceremony performance, receive a lecture on how to drink sencha, and enjoy gyokuro and wagashi (Japanese sweets). During the experience, We will talk about tokokazari (floor decorations) and utensil decorations, and also introduce how to bow and how to behave.
We offer an experience that will deepen your sensitivity to beautiful things and allow you to experience the depth of the world of sencha tea ceremony, which teaches compassion and etiquette.

【Start time】(1) 11:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 13:00 (4) 14:00 (5) 15:00 (6) 16:00
【Time required】Approx. 40 min.
【Participation fee】 2000 yen
【Capacity】 15 people per session
※If you need assistance to purchase the ticket, please email us here. You can also apply for the tea ceremony experience by email.

3. Japanese Tea Seminar/workshop (2nd floor)

In the seminar room on the second floor, Seminars and workshops on Japanese tea will be held by vendors and Japanese tea instructors. Participants can learn a wide range of knowledge about Japanese tea, from sencha to matcha and black tea with tasting.


December 2nd (Saturday)
【11:00 – 12:00】A Journey Through Tea Across Japan by Kaori Sasaki (HASABON)
【13:00 – 14:00】Exploring Nishio Matcha by Sonoko Ishida (Nanzanen)
【15:00 – 16:00】 Basic lecture of Japanese Black Tea and How to Brew Deliciously by Tomoki Kawano(LogiConnecTea)

December 3rd (Sunday)
【11:00 – 12:00】Tasting Workshop of Kamikatsu Awa Ban Cha by Daichi Hyakuno (Kamikatsu-TeaMate)
【13:00 – 14:00】The Past, Present, and Future of Sayama cha by Hideki Ikeya (Ikenoyaen) and Yuria Matsumoto (Matsuzuen Chaho)
【15:00 – 16:00】Experience the Umami of Yame Gyokuro in Fukuoka by Yumi Imamura (Chajiyu-Kukan)

【Participation fee】2,000 yen 
【Capacity】9 people per session 
*Pre-reservations required
※If you need assistance to purchase the ticket, please email us here

4. Japanese Tea and Japanese Culture Experience (1st floor)

On the 1st floor, there will be various Japanese tea and cultural experience booths that you can enjoy for a fee of 500 yen or for free. These experiences are open to anyone and provide a casual and enjoyable way to participate.


⑴ Savor Matcha Beer & Matcha latte by  Yoshimura Package Partners Co. Ltd.

⑵ Enjoying Japanese Tea Card Game by Ochahakase

⑶ Chakabuki by Chajiyu Kukan

⑷ The World of Senchado by Ogasawara-ryu Senchado

⑸Japanese Tea Consultation Room by Nihoncha Instructor Association

Event Outline

Date: December 2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.), 2023
Time: 10:00 – 17:00 (doors open at 9:45)
Venue: Tokuyu Kaikan (Headquarters of the Dai Nihon Sado Gakkai)
Address: 20 Samon-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: 6 min. walk from Yotsuya-sanchome Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, 6 min. walk from Shinanomachi Station on JR Sobu Line
Admission: Free
Tea tasting experience: 1,200 yen in advance, 1,500 yen at the door
Tea ceremony experience: 2,000 yen
Japanese tea seminar: 2,000 yen
Website: https://nihonchacollection.com
Email: info@nihonchaseikatsu.com
Supported by /公益財団法人三徳庵(大日本茶道学会 本部)公益社団法人日本茶業中央会NPO法人日本茶インストラクター協会
Planning and Management/Nihoncha Seikatsu LLC(Japan Tea Guide)

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