Top Recommended Japanese Tea Shops in Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture, known as one of Japan’s leading tea regions, is home to numerous tea cafes where you can easily enjoy Japanese tea. Among them, the area around JR Shizuoka Station, located in the heart of Shizuoka City, gathers a variety of shops where you can taste delicious tea, matcha sweets, and tea-based cocktails. From Japanese tea cafes to traditional Japanese-style cafes and specialty tea shops, here are 12 recommended establishments that you can reach on foot or by bus from JR Shizuoka Station.

1. Chagama

Chagama is a Japanese tea specialty store located in Shizuoka City. It was opened in 2014 by Marumo Mori Shoten, a tea wholesaler founded in 1877. The shop is situated about a 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station.

At Chagama, they offer over 100 varieties of tea. You can find a wide range of tea from different regions across Japan, with a focus on Shizuoka tea, including single-origin teas and blended tea. All of the tea, exceeding 100 varieties, are available for tasting. If you’re interested in a particular tea, the staff will brew it in a teapot for you, and you can leisurely choose your tea in the tasting area.

Their products primarily come in convenient 50g packages, making it easy to purchase even for those who have just started developing an interest in tea.
Inside the shop, there is a casual tea stand where you can enjoy tea. They serve menu items such as sencha espresso and sencha latte, which are prepared using an espresso machine. Takeout options are also available.

Address: 1F Passage Takasho, 2-10-7 Takasho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-260-4775
Opening hours: 10am-7pm 
Closed on Mondays
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2. Cha10

Cha10 (Chato) is an organic matcha cafe located in Shizuoka City. It is situated about a 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station. With the theme of “gentle to the body, delicious” they offer a variety of matcha drinks and matcha sweets.

The matcha used at CHA10 is made from organically grown tea in Shizuoka, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. One of their popular menu items is the NITRO matcha. It is a special iced matcha drink infused with nitrogen, which creates a creamy foam. The matcha used is from Shizuoka’s Kawane region, known as the “tea garden in the sky,” where tea is cultivated at elevations ranging from 400 to 700 meters. It has a rich aroma and a deep flavor, with a refreshing and smooth finish.

They also offer healthy sweets made with matcha. One highly recommended option is the matcha jar cake, a popular classic sweet consisting of pound cake soaked in matcha sauce, served with red bean paste, soy milk custard cream, and soy ice cream.
In addition to matcha, CHA10 sells various tea leaves and tea bags, including organic sencha, hojicha, and genmaicha, at their storefront.

Address: 1-11-6 Takasho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-204-2210
Opening hours: 9am-5pm 
Closed on Tuesdays 
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3. Nanaya Shizuoka Store

Nanaya Shizuoka Store is a specialty Japanese tea shop located in Shizuoka City. It is situated along the bustling Gofukucho Street, about a 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station. 
Nanaya is known for its matcha sweets, such as matcha gelato and matcha chocolate. It is operated by Marushichi Seicha, an established tea wholesaler founded in 1907, which also has shops in Tokyo and Kyoto.

At Nanaya Shizuoka Store, they offer a variety of matcha sweets and Japanese tea products. On the second floor, they have a spacious seating area for customers to enjoy their treats. The most popular item is the matcha gelato, which allows you to choose from seven levels of intensity. It is made using high-quality matcha from Fujieda, Shizuoka, and provides the authentic flavor of matcha.

Another popular product is the Premium Matcha 7, which includes a total of eight chocolates, featuring seven different levels of matcha intensity and one rich hojicha chocolate.
Nanaya Shizuoka Store also sells bottled teas produced by Marushichi Seicha. These bottled teas are made using their unique extraction method and offer around 30 varieties of tea that highlight the characteristics of different tea origins and cultivars.

Address: 2-5-12 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-251-7783
Opening hours: 11am-7pm 
Closed on Wednesdays
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4. Maruzen Tea Roastery

Maruzen Tea Roastery is a Japanese tea cafe located in Shizuoka City. It opened its doors in 2018 in the popular Gofukucho Meiten-gai shopping district, where various shops line the street.

The cafe is known for its popular tea gelato and Japanese tea selection, which allows customers to choose the level of roasting from temperatures ranging from 0°C to 200°C. The establishment includes a roasting workshop inside the store, where tea leaves are roasted using a roaster. 
They offer a menu with different flavors depending on the roasting temperature, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of taste experiences.

The interior of the shop has a stylish atmosphere with a predominantly white color scheme. They also sell tea at the storefront. The cafe space on the second floor is spacious, providing a comfortable environment for customers to relax and enjoy their tea.

Address: 2-2-5 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-251-7783
Opening hours: 11am-7pm 
Closed on Wednesdays
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5. T’s green omachi

T’s Green Omachi is a tea cafe located in Shizuoka City. It is situated in Shichiken-cho area, a 15-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station, where many popular shops gather. It is the second branch of the popular shop T’s Green near JR Abekawa Station, which opened in 2020.

At T’s Green Omachi, you can enjoy Dango(dumplings)and Shizuoka tea in a casual setting. It attracts a young crowd who seek its unique flavors. The most popular menu item is the “Omachi no Akari” set. It includes five types of fried dumplings, including sesame dumplings sprinkled with Shizuoka tea, salted caramel dumplings, and deep-fried seaweed dumplings.

The set also comes with caramel roasted green tea ice cream and karinto manju (fried dough cookie’s sweet bun). You can choose your favorite drink, such as matcha latte or hojicha (roasted green tea). In addition to the fried dumplings, they also offer grilled dumplings in seven varieties, including gyokuro (shaded green tea) bean paste and mitarashi (sweet soy sauce) flavor. The dumplings can be enjoyed for takeaway as well.

Their tea menu features a wide range of tea typical of Shizuoka tea cafes, including sencha from Shimada City, and Japanese black tea. The cafe’s manager, Mr. Kamiya, comes from a family of tea farmers, and they also sell tea produced in their own tea plantation. Be sure to enjoy the special combination of their carefully crafted dumplings and Shizuoka tea.

Address: 1F Omachi Building, 16-7 Shichiken-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-272-7610
Opening hours: 10am-6pm 
Open seven days a week
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6. Gashoan Chiyoda Honten

Gashoan Chiyoda Honten is a Japanese tea specialty store located in Shizuoka City. It is operated by the tea wholesaler, Oyaizu Seiichi Shoten. The store offers a wide variety of tea-based sweets and snacks. 

Their most popular item is the Matcha Baumkuchen called Chiyono no wa.” They have a Baumkuchen factory in the store where they produce it in-house. It is an authentic Baumkuchen with a rich and intense flavor, made using generous amounts of high-quality matcha.

The best-selling tea at Oyaizu Seiichi Shoten is “Shizu no Homare.” It is a blended deep-steamed green tea that combines Shizuoka’s Honyama-cha and Kawane-cha, striking a balance between umami and astringency.
Gashoan Chiyoda Honten includes terrace seating, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. You can leisurely enjoy tea and treats like Matcha Parfait.

Address: 7-1-47 Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-267-3008
Opening hours: 10am-7pm 
Open seven days a week
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7. Nigakunai Koucha

Nigakunai Koucha is a specialty store that focuses on Japanese black tea, located in Shizuoka City. It is situated on the first floor of the Shokusai-kan within the department store Parce, which has direct access to JR Shizuoka Station. The store is operated by a group of young tea farmers called Green Eight, who are engaged in tea cultivation in the Ryougouchi area of Shizuoka City.

At Nigakunai Koucha, they sell Shizuoka-produced black tea meticulously crafted by Green Eight. Their product lineup mainly consists of nine different varieties of black tea, each with distinct cultivars and manufacturing methods. They offer a wide range of options, from fruity and refreshing tea to those with a smoky flavor, catering to various preferences. 

Additionally, they have tea specifically designed for cold brewing and tea made from leaves aged for over two years. It’s worth noting that both loose-leaf and tea bag options are available for all varieties.
One of the popular Japanese black tea at Nigakunai Koucha is the Sweetd variety of the Tsuyuhikari cultivar, known for its full-bodied sweetness and gentle flavor. The store also provides a cozy seating area where customers can enjoy tea and sweets while admiring photographs of tea fields.

Address: JR Shizuoka Station Building Parche 1F Shokusaikan, 49 Kurogane-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Opening hours: 9:30am-8pm 
Open seven days a week
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8. Chamachi Kinzaburo

Chamachi Kinzaburo is located in Shizuoka City’s Chamachi district. It is a shop operated by a long-established tea wholesaler, with the concept of combining tea and confections. 
A highly recommended tea at this shop is the Chamachi Blend Series showcasing the blending expertise of tea master Tomio Maeda. The blend incorporates aromatic Shizuoka Honyama-cha as its centerpiece, along with a harmonious combination of different deep-steamed and varietal tea, resulting in a tea that offers a rich aroma and sweetness.

In addition, the shop offers a diverse range of products unique to a tea wholesaler, including single-varietal tea such as Shizu-7123 and Koushun which have distinct and captivating aromas, as well as flavored green teas based on green tea as the foundation.
The shop also sells various sweets made using tea. The most popular among them is the Chaffuru a waffle with cream blended with matcha from different regions of Shizuoka such as Honyama, Okabe, and Kawane, offering a unique flavor experience depending on the tea’s place of origin.

On the second floor, there is a seating area with traditional Japanese-style rooms where customers can enjoy their purchases. Customers using the seating area can also enjoy complimentary tastings of around 10 different tea.

Address: 27, Dotayu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-252-2476
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6pm
Sunday & Holidays 10am-5pm
Closed on Wednesdays
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9. Kojima Chaten

Kojima Chaten is a Japanese tea specialty store that was established during the Meiji period. It primarily sells Honyama tea, which is grown in the Abe River and Warashina River areas of Shizuoka City. The tea is carefully blended by skilled tea masters to bring out the unique aromas and flavors of the tea leaves from each region. They are then meticulously roasted through a process called hiire to achieve the desired characteristics.

Among their various products, a highly recommended tea is the flagship product Sencha Tensui. The tea is a blend of Honyama tea as the base, combined with tea leaves from Makinohara, Shizuoka, and other regions. It offers a well-balanced taste with both sweetness and bitterness, providing a deep and enjoyable flavor.

In addition to Sencha Tensui, they also sell single-origin teas from Honyama tea-producing regions such as Ashikubo, Umegashima, and Warashina. They even offer small-sized products containing 10g of tea leaves, allowing customers to compare and experience the original source of Honyama tea.

Address: 19 Nishiki-cho, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 0120-02-1955
Opening hours: 8am-7pm
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
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10. Chaya Suzuwa

Chaya Suzuwa is a shop located in the Chamachi district of Shizuoka City, specializing in tea and tea utensils. It is operated by Suzuwa Shouten, a long-established tea merchant founded in 1848. 

They offer a selection of tea that has been created using the traditional blending techniques passed down through generations at Suzuwa Shouten. These tea showcase the depth and richness of flavors, including the aromatic profiles, richness, and lingering aftertaste.

The tea utensils are available at Suzuwa Shouten are carefully selected by Keisuke Atsumi, the 6th generation owner and shopkeeper. The shop primarily offers handmade items that enhance the tea-drinking experience, including kyusu (teapots) and other tools. By exploring the products, customers can not only appreciate the charm of Shizuoka tea but also immerse themselves in the profound culture of Japanese tea.
At Chaya Suzuwa, you can discover the essence of tea and enrich your tea time with their meticulously crafted teas and tea utensils.

Address: 3-68 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-271-1238
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am-4:30pm
Saturday (2nd and 4th) 11am-6pm
Closed on Thursdays, Saturdays (1st, 3rd, 5th), Sundays, Holidays
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11. Aardvark tea A stand

Aardvark tea A stand is a tea stand that opened in July 2022 in the Sengen-dori Shopping Street in Shizuoka City. Aardvark tea embraces the principles of “delicious, healthy, and authentic” tea, prioritizing a touch of excitement and playfulness. 

They offer tea proposals tailored to different occasions through carefully crafted blends and forms. Their menu features tea such as Sencha and Kamairi-cha (pan-fried green tea), infused with herbs and spices to create botanical tea. 

They provide a diverse range of offerings, including Sencha Soda, Hojicha Latte, Kamairi-cha Soda, and Spice Tea, as well as seasonal limited edition shaved ice, sweets, and drinks. The tea leaves used at Aardvark Tea are sourced directly from local farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture, focusing on single-origin and single-variety teas. 

Address: 76 Miyagasaki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-293-5892
Opening hours: Weekdays 8am-7pm Weekends 11am-7pm
Closed on Tuesday and  Wednesdays(2nd,4th)
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12. Omatcha Kondou no Shokudo

Omatcha Kondo no Shokudo is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Shizuoka City. It is situated along the Aoba Symbol Road in the city center. The restaurant offers a wide variety of set meals and local specialties such as Tororo Soup. In the evenings, guests can enjoy seasonal Shizuoka ingredients in the form of appetizers and local sake. The owner, Mr. Kondo, who is a certified Japanese tea instructor, has curated an extensive menu of tea options as well.

One highly recommended dish is their lunch and dinner set, which consists of one soup and three side dishes. Guests can choose from approximately 15 main dishes, including fish and meat options. Each set meal comes with a serving of tea, and they also provide both chilled and hot water, allowing guests to leisurely enjoy their tea alongside their meal.
At the counter, you will find a tea mill and a tea kettle, where freshly ground matcha can be savored. A popular menu item is the Matcha Shot, which combines freshly ground matcha with beer to create a unique beverage. It offers a delightful balance between the smoothness of matcha and the slight bitterness and crispness of beer.

During the evening, à la carte options are also available. The menu includes a selection of Japanese sake, shochu, and other alcoholic beverages. We recommend trying their tea-based cocktails, where they expertly pair their carefully selected teas with shochu for a refreshing tea-based cocktail experience.

Address: 1F Emblcourt Tokiwa, 2-4-5 Tokiwa-machi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 090-8130-1274 
Opening hours:  Lunch 11:30am-1:30pm Dinner 6pm-10pm 
Closed on Thursdays and 3rd Wednesday 
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