Japanese tea cafe surrounded by rich nature

Chacha Biyori(Kokubunji, Tokyo)

In Tokyo’s Kokubunji City, there is a Japanese tea cafe called Chacha Biyori, which opened in 2018. It is located near the popular walking path “Otaka no Michi,” where you can enjoy the changing seasons of nature.

Tea time surrounded by plants

The interior of the cafe offers a warm and open space, allowing you to enjoy your tea time in a serene atmosphere.

Around the small pond in the garden, over 50 varieties of plants are planted.

You can also catch a glimpse of real tea trees growing healthily.

A menu that shows the depth of Japanese tea

Chacha Biyori features a lineup of various Japanese tea from different regions.

They offer sencha that showcase the unique characteristics of each region, such as Yame tea from Fukuoka, Chiran tea from Kagoshima, and Sonoogi tea from Nagasaki.

The cafe also recommends its own roasted hojicha. They blend green tea leaves and use a roasting technique to meticulously roast them in small batches. They offer two types: a lightly roasted one with a sweet note and a deeply roasted one with a smoky aroma.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy premium gyokuro called “Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro” from Yame, Fukuoka, one of Japan’s leading gyokuro-producing regions, as well as black tea from Yame.

Simple sweetness to go with tea

Their hand-baked “dorayaki” pairs wonderfully with the tea. They have three varieties of fillings: sencha butter, hojicha, and yuzu. The menu includes items that complement the tea, such as “hojicha anmitsu (jelly dessert) ” and “matcha zenzai(sweet red bean soup).”

You can also purchase the tea leaves they use in their cafe menu, available in convenient 15g packages.

On a sunny day, consider taking a stroll along the “Otaka no Michi” walking path and visiting the cafe.

Store Information
Address: 3-18-5 Higashi-Motomachi, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo
Phone: 042-313-8122
Opening hours: 11am-6pm 
Closed on Wednesday, 2nd and 4th Sunday
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