Cafe produced by Uji tea wholesaler

Gion Kitagawa Hanbee(Kyoto)

Gion Kitagawa Hanbee is a Japanese cafe situated in Kyoto’s Gion district. This establishment is produced by Kitagawa Hanbee Shouten, a tea merchant established in Uji, Kyoto in 1861.

Revitalizing a century-old Kyoto machiya (traditional wooden townhouse), the interior radiates a fusion of classic and contemporary Japanese ambiance. The ground floor presents sleek counter and table seating, while the second floor offers a more leisurely experience with comfortable sofa seating.

The tea menu showcases a meticulously curated selection from Kitagawa Hanbee Shouten,  including matcha, sencha(green tea), and gyokuro, along with domestically produced oolong tea and an innovative blend known as “Keika Black Tea,” combining osmanthus flowers with Japanese black tea.

You can savor the harmonious pairing of Japanese tea and confections. A recommended highlight is the “Chayomi set”, a combination of five tea varieties accompanied by petite confections. This tasting experience enables the exploration of matcha, sencha, roasted tea, Japanese black tea, and oolong tea, each ingeniously matched with a confection to enhance their individual flavors.

The pinnacle of indulgence, “Degurinezon of Matcha,” showcases a lavish assortment of matcha-infused delights, including matcha ice cream, intense tea-infused cheesecake, and matcha cookies. These creations feature copious amounts of premium matcha from Kitagawa Hanbee Shouten, making it a true haven for matcha enthusiasts.

Operating as a nighttime cafe from 6 PM onward, the ambiance transforms into that of an inviting bar, distinct from its daytime allure.

The evening cafe menu extends beyond tea and sweets, offering tea-infused cocktails. If you yearn to relish Kyoto’s nighttime charm while sipping tea, be sure to make your way here.

Store information 
Address: 570-188 Gion cho minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto City
Phone: 075-205-0880
Opening hours: 11am-10pm 
Open seven days a week
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