Japanese tea cafe by originator of matcha parfait

Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei (Hibiya,Tokyo)

Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei is located on the 2nd floor of the commercial complex Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in Tokyo. It’s a Japanese tea cafe produced by the well-established tea shop Kyo Hayashiya.

Hayashiya Shinbei III is the creator of Boucha

Kyo Hayashiya was founded in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, in 1753. Later, they expanded their tea business to Kyoto’s Uji region, becoming a prominent tea merchant spanning Uji and Kanazawa. In the Meiji era, the third-generation owner, Hayashiya Shinbei, devised “Boucha” (stem-roasted tea) by roasting tea stems. The original Boucha, now popular nationwide, is attributed to Kyo Hayashiya.

Collaboration with tea masters in Uji

Kyo Hayashiya first opened in 2004 in Tokyo and currently operates 5 stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei opened in 2018 as a new brand under Kyo Hayashiya.

At Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei,” you can leisurely enjoy authentic Uji tea and matcha sweets in a tranquil setting. They offer carefully crafted sencha, gyokuro, matcha, and more, by Uji tea artisans. Particularly noteworthy is the Uji sencha “Sousou Ryokucha,” introduced in 2021. Collaborating with tea farmers, Uji tea artisans spent 5 years to create this dedicated tea, aiming to recreate the original flavor of Edo-period sencha.

“Sousou Ryokucha” is available in various blends, each from contracted tea gardens. The leaves are not mixed, allowing you to appreciate the distinct flavors of each garden. This tea is available on their cafe menu and for purchase both in-store and on their website.

Matcha sweets proposed by the originator of matcha parfait

Kyoto Hayashiya is renowned for originating the matcha parfait. In 1969, the president’s idea to incorporate matcha into the popular parfait led to Japan’s first matcha parfait. Since then, they’ve continued to create innovative and authentic matcha-based sweets.

At this cafe, they offer a variety of matcha sweets, including popular items like “Matcha Warabi Anmitsu” and “Matcha Parfait.”

The “Matcha Kuzu Neri” is a delicacy crafted by artisans with careful heating, offering a smooth texture and enhancing the flavor of matcha. They also sell items like the “Hannari Cheesecake,” a two-layer creation featuring matcha cheesecake mousse and cheesecake soufflé, as well as roll cakes.

While upholding tradition, “Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei” delights tea enthusiasts with innovative teas and sweets. With its direct access from the station, it’s an inviting place to visit and enjoy for tea lovers.

Store Information
Address: 2F Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6550-8727
Opening hours: 10am-10pm 
Open seven days a week
View website

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