Matcha latte with a choice of thickness

Chaya 1899 Tokyo(Shinbashi, Tokyo)

Chaya 1899 Tokyo is a Japanese tea cafe located in Tokyo’s Shimbashi and Toranomon area. Situated on the ground floor of the Japanese tea-themed “Hotel 1899 Tokyo,” it opened its doors in 2020. The hotel itself, established in 2018, is a modern accommodation facility that traces its roots back to the historic Ryumeikan Hotel founded in 1899.

Comfortable space to stay longer

The interior of the cafe, designed with a veranda in mind, features large windows creating an open and inviting atmosphere.

It offers a tranquil space to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely time.

Japanese tea brewed by a tea barista

Within CHAYA 1899 TOKYO, specialized tea staff known as “Tea Baristas” are always present. The term “Tea Barista” is an original designation signifying tea leaf sommeliers. These knowledgeable experts meticulously prepare a variety of Japanese teas and creative beverages, ensuring a delightful experience.

Matcha latte with a choice of matcha thickness

One of the popular items on the menu is the “Rich Matcha Latte,” where you can choose the intensity of matcha flavor. From a light, refreshing sip to a robust and deeply flavorful option, you can select from four levels of intensity.

For those interested in Japanese tea, the recommended choice is the original blend called “Roku Sencha.” This deep-steamed green tea is meticulously crafted by blending tea leaves from six different regions: Shizuoka’s Kakegawa tea, Saitama’s Sayama tea, Fukuoka’s Yame tea, Kagoshima’s Chiran tea, and more.

In addition to the teas, the cafe offers a variety of tea-infused sweets such as “Matcha Bread” and “Hojicha Bread,” as well as tea-flavored gelato. Please enjoy the “Roku Sencha” and “Rich Matcha Latte” together.

Store Information
Address: Hotel 1899 Tokyo 1F, 6-4-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3432-1890
Opening hours: 11am-5pm 
Open seven days a week
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