Enjoying a Japanese cultural experience and tea

Rojiura Terakoya Rojikoya(Kita-Senju, Tokyo)

Rojiura Terakoya Rojikoya is situated a short 4-minute walk from the east exit of Kita-Senju Station. It’s a cafe that opened in 2020 through the renovation of a building dating back about 90 years, preserving its traditional Japanese house charm.

The cafe’s concept revolves around being a Japanese tea cafe where you can experience Japanese culture. 

They offer various experiential events related to traditional culture, including calligraphy, rakugo (comic storytelling), gagaku (traditional court music), Tsugaru shamisen, ikebana (flower arranging), and more. You can become a samurai, complete with attire, and enjoy swordplay and sword dancing, or even transform into a tanuki (raccoon dog) to savor tea and sweets—a unique experience that’s popular among visitors.

Their tea menu is quite diverse, featuring authentic Japanese tea and matcha lattes supervised by a Japanese tea instructor. The offerings range from traditional Japanese tea to tea-infused sweets like dorayaki (a type of pancake filled with sweet red bean paste).

Japanese tea is primarily high-quality sencha (green tea) sourced mainly from Kagoshima, Shizuoka, and Sayama.

They are brewed in kyusu (traditional Japanese teapots) made from Tokoname pottery.

The opportunity to immerse oneself in non-daily experiences of traditional Japanese culture alongside tea is what sets this cafe apart. Prior to visiting, it’s recommended to check the latest event information on their website or social media channels.

Store Information
Address: 36-1 Senju-Asahi-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6812-0780
Opening hours: Mon,Tues 1pm-5pm 
Sat,Sun,Holiday 11am-6pm
Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 
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