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Aotake is a tea cafe located about a 6-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. The interior is adorned with the charm of a renovated 100-year-old machiya (traditional wooden townhouse), creating a comfortable space where you can leisurely enjoy tea.

At Aotake, you can savor various types of tea including Japanese tea, Chinese tea, and black tea. Japanese tea is sourced from single-origin farms in places like Kyoto’s Kyotanabe and Wazuka. They offer a selection of hand-picked gyokuro, kabusecha, and hojicha.

For the first steeping, the owner, Takako Tanaka, carefully brews the tea. For subsequent steepings, hot water is provided, allowing you to enjoy the tea at your own pace.

Chinese tea offerings vary according to the season. They feature distinctive varieties like “Lapsang souchong” known for its unique aroma.

The second floor features traditional tatami seating where you can relax comfortably. Aotake also hosts private lessons on Japanese tea. Owner Tanaka teaches about teapot selection and the art of brewing tea in an enjoyable manner. Since these lessons are by reservation, those interested can inquire at the store.

Store information 
Address: 485 Zaimoku-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone: 075-748-6198
Opening hours: 11am-5:30pm 
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
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