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Chamachi KINZABURO(Shizuoka)

The Chamachi district(tea district)of Shizuoka City is a hub for the tea industry, housing tea wholesalers, tea-related businesses, and organizations. The Shizuoka Tea Market, where tea transactions occur, is also here. Chamachi KINZABURO is a Japanese tea specialty store situated in this tea district. Operated by a longstanding tea wholesaler, the store’s concept revolves around the harmony of tea and confections.

A standout recommendation from Chamachi KINZABURO is the “Chamachi Blend Series,” which showcases the blending expertise of tea master Tomio Maeda. Using the fragrant Shizuoka Honyama tea as a base, this series skillfully blends different types of deep-steamed teas and varietal teas to create a tea that offers both a rich aroma and sweetness.

In addition, the store offers a diverse range of products, including varietal teas with unique fragrances such as “Shizu 7123” and “Kosun,” as well as flavored green teas based on green tea leaves.

The store also features an array of sweets crafted using tea as a primary ingredient.

The most popular item is “Chaffuru,” a waffle infused with matcha cream made from matcha sourced from various regions of Shizuoka, including Honyama, Okabe, and Kawane. Each waffle offers a distinct flavor based on the origin of the matcha used.

The store has a second-floor seating area with tatami mats for customers to enjoy their purchases.

Eat-in customers can taste approximately 10 different types of tea for free.

Please enjoy a delightful experience of tea-infused sweets such as “Chaffuru” while savoring the variety of tea options available at Chamachi KINZABURO.


Store information 
Address: 27, Dotayu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-252-2476
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6pm
Sunday & Holidays 10am-5pm
Closed on Wednesdays
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