Tea store with a selection of single origin tea

Chaseki(Hakone, Kanagawa)

Hakone, a popular tourist destination easily accessible from Tokyo, is home to the Japanese tea specialty store Chaseki. Located just a 4-minute walk from Gora Station, the final stop of the Hakone Tozan Railway.

The owner, Hikaru Inaba, was born and raised in the town of Hakone. After renovating his grandmother’s beauty salon, he spent three years preparing to open Chaseki, which finally opened its doors in October 2022.

During the three-year preparation period, Mr. Inaba traveled to various tea-producing regions throughout Japan, tasting and selecting a diverse range of tea for the shop. Chaseki offers single-origin tea leaves with distinct personalities sourced from producers in Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, and more.

Inside the shop, there are counter seats where visitors can relax and enjoy their tea. Inaba has studied senchado (Japanese sencha ceremony), incorporating its gestures and utensils when serving tea. Pay attention to his refined movements while waiting for your tea.

The tea menu mainly features sencha, gyokuro, kabusecha, hojicha, and cold-brewed cold tea. Sencha lineup includes varieties like Yabukita, Fujieda Kaori, Kanayamidori, Oku Hikari, and Z1, each with its unique characteristics. For gyokuro, the shop offers high-quality leaves from renowned regions such as Asahina in Shizuoka, Kyotanabe in Kyoto, and Hoshino Village in Fukuoka.

Hojicha is roasted in front of the customers, allowing them to enjoy the freshly aromatic flavor.

Pair your tea with representative Hakone sweets. Chaseki offers a selection of Japanese confections carefully curated to match the seasons.

At Chaseki, you can also indulge in alcoholic beverages infused with tea, such as Gyokuro Gin and Tonic and Sencha Shochu. The matcha beer made with Hakone’s craft beer Gora Brewery stands out as a recommended choice. You can select your preferred taste from three different beer options, each with its unique flavor.

In the merchandise corner, you can purchase the teas available on the café menu. The simple yet refined packaging makes them excellent gift options.

The exceptional taste of tea amidst the majestic nature of Hakone is an experience not to be missed. When visiting Hakone, make sure to stop by this noteworthy tea shop, Chaseki.

Store Information
Address: 1300-307 Gora, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa
Phone: 0460-83-8816
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm
Closed on Thursday, 1st and 3rd Wednesday
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