Discovering the charm of Yame tea and local ingredients

& LOCALS Ohori Park(Fukuoka)

The cafe and grocery store “& LOCALS Ohori Park” is located in Fukuoka City’s Ohori Park. With the concept of “connecting cherished production to the dining table,” it opened in September 2020.
The interior is fully glass-walled, allowing you to enjoy tea and meals while gazing at the view of Ohori Park.

The cafe offers a variety of drinks made from Yame Tea, a representative regional brand tea of Fukuoka Prefecture, as well as desserts and food using local ingredients.

The recommended Yame Tea drink is “Yame Ensemble.” It’s an innovative Japanese tea that blends Yame-produced matcha with black tea, hojicha (roasted green tea), and Fukuoka-produced brown rice. This blend is supervised by skilled tea masters from Fukuoka’s tea merchant. The rich aroma of matcha harmonizes exquisitely with the sweetness of black tea, the fragrance of hojicha, and the scent of brown rice. Pair it with the dessert “Mona’s Lover,” which combines soft-serve made from Yame’s gyokuro with a homemade monaka(a sweet bean-jam-filled wafer).

The drink menu includes standard offerings like matcha, gyokuro(shaded green tea), sencha, and hojicha(roasted green tea), as well as a rich lineup of fruit tea and tea sodas based on Japanese black tea, such as “Amaou(strawberry)Tea” and “Japanese Black Tea and Lemon.”

The popular item on the food menu is “Traveling Inari Sushi.” Made with seasonal ingredients from various parts of Kyushu, this inari sushi is handmade at the store daily.

They offer three types of inari sushi at all times, and the fillings change with the seasons. They are also recommended as souvenirs as they are available for purchase in-store.

Furthermore, the popular lunch item is the “Dashi Tamago-yaki Bento,” featuring individually hand-grilled dashi tamago-yaki (rolled omelet) made with carefully prepared iriko (dried sardine) dashi and fresh eggs. It’s served with rice and miso soup made with plenty of local ingredients, providing a rustic and nostalgically appealing set.

On the first floor’s retail corner, they sell various local foods from Kyushu, including tea and ingredients used in drinks and food, seasonings, snacks, and alcohol.

Yame Tea offers a rich selection of high-quality teas from local producers within Fukuoka Prefecture.

The second floor, when not hosting events, serves as a cafe space. Enjoy your tea time in the open atmosphere, feeling the warmth of the wood.

Store information
Address: 1-9 Ohori Koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
Phone: 092-401-0275
Opening hours: 9am-6:30pm 
Closed on Monday 
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