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cafe COCOOCEN/Kurofune Jiyugaoka Honten(Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)

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Kurofune Jiyugaoka Honten is a confectionery store located in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. They offer a variety of sweets, mainly focusing on castella, but also including dorayaki, baumkuchen, and more.

Their signature product, “Kurofune Castella,” is meticulously hand-baked by artisans, resulting in a fluffy and moist texture with a rich and captivating flavor.

Cafe serving Kurofune sweets

On the second floor of the same store, you’ll find the Japanese cafe “cafe COCOOCEN,” operated by Kurofune, where they serve original sweets, Japanese tea, and lunch set

A popular menu item is the “MIRAI Castella,” where a secret sauce is infused into the renowned “Kurofune Castella” and baked. It’s a delightful dish that pairs a crispy exterior with a moist and warm castella interior, complemented by additions like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

For those looking to enjoy a variety of Kurofune favorites all at once, the “Kurofune Plate” is recommended. Additionally, seasonal limited-time parfaits and sweets are also available at the store.

Japanese modern atmosphere

They offer five types of Japanese tea, including sencha, genmaicha with matcha, and kyobancha, all of which complement the castella and sweets perfectly. The tea is brewed with care by the staff using a tea kettle installed in the store.

The interior of the store features a modern Japanese design with a warm wooden touch. In this calm and inviting atmosphere, you can enjoy a pleasant tea time.

Store Information
Address: 1-24-11 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3725-0038
Opening hours:  Cafe 11:30am-5:00pm Shop 10am-6pm 
No regular holidays
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