Enjoying High-Quality Matcha as Matcha Latte

Hatoya Ryouyousha(Kyoto)

Hatoya Ryouyousha is a matcha stand located in Arashiyama, a prominent tourist destination in Kyoto. It is situated near the Arashiyama-Tenryuji tram station, a stop along the Randen Arashiyama Main Line.

The owner, Nobuhiro Maruyama, originally came from the coffee industry. After working as a barista for ten years, he encountered the world of Japanese tea through a cup of Gyokuro tea. Following his apprenticeship at a Japanese tea company, he opened Hatoya Ryouyousha in 2019.

Hatoya Ryouyousha exclusively utilizes the highest quality hand-picked matcha from within Kyoto Prefecture. Visitors can savor seven distinct types of matcha, each sourced from various producers, each highlighting unique characteristics.

The most popular item on the menu is the “Matcha Latte,” available in three variations using different types of matcha. The “Roasted Matcha Latte” provides an exceptional experience with a delicate toasted fragrance amidst the richness of matcha and the sweetness of milk.

The matcha ice cream topping on the “Matcha Latte” is homemade using an Italian gelato machine, capturing the essence of matcha’s flavor. It’s recommended to enjoy the ice cream as it melts into the latte. The “Hatoya Ryouyousha Pudding” has been a popular matcha dessert since the establishment’s opening. It combines condensed milk pudding with homemade sweetened matcha and roasted tea sauce, with even more flavor when enjoyed with shiratama mochi.

The storefront offers original matcha sweets such as the “Half-Baked Matcha” and “Fresh Matcha Terrine” for purchase.
Hatoya Ryouyousha provides an opportunity to easily experience top-quality Kyoto-produced matcha. A must-visit spot in Kyoto, where you can extend your journey and enjoy these delightful matcha creations.

Store information 
Address: 22-66 Saga-Asahi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
Phone: 075-881-1881
Opening hours: Weekdays 11am-5pm  Weekends 10am-5pm
Open seven days a week
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