A Sushi Restaurant offers Enjoyable Tea Experience

Sushi kunimitsu(Nakano, Tokyo)

In August 2022, a sushi restaurant with a focus on tea, called Sushi kunimitsu, opened in Tokyo’s Higashi-Nakano district. It is conveniently located just a minute’s walk from the Higashi-Nakano Station on the Toei Oedo Line and about a 7-minute walk from Ochiai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.

The head chef at Sushikunimitsu is Kuniaki Abe, who has worked as a sushi artisan in Germany and the United States and honed his skills at various restaurants in Shibuya and Azabu-Juban. His theme is to convey the allure of Japanese ingredients and culture, sharing the stories of their origins and the passion of the producers through his culinary creations.
Mr. Abe is particularly intrigued by Japanese tea and has brought a unique touch to Sushi kunimitsu with a lineup of tea-focused offerings. Under the supervision of a Japanese tea instructor, the restaurant serves “tea sushi” and offers tea and sushi pairings that can only be experienced here.

Attractive omakase course

The menu at Sushi kunimitsu revolves around a carefully crafted 20-course omakase experience, known as the “Sushi kunimitsu Course(¥13,200),” reflecting Abe’s dedication and passion. The course showcases a variety of fresh sushi made from fish sourced from Tsukiji Market and various regions of Japan, incorporating seasonal ingredients. The tea selection includes distinctive tea leaves handpicked by a trusted Japanese tea instructor.

The restaurant pays meticulous attention to the presentation, using beautiful tableware, including custom-made Seto ware, which captured Abe’s heart.

The menu is developed in collaboration with a Japanese tea instructor

The course starts with the White Shrimp Tea-Infused Sushi, a special nigiri prepared by infusing white shrimp with the rich-flavored tea variety called “Yama no Ibuki.” The harmony of the tea’s umami and the sweetness of the shrimp creates a remarkable dish.

Following the highlight of the course are an array of impressive sushi and dishes.

One of the course highlights is the pairing of “Kappa Maki” (cucumber roll) with iced sencha (green tea). 

The flavorful tea variety “Yamakai” is carefully extracted with ice, offering a rich and aromatic iced sencha that beautifully complements the fresh cucumber.

Recommended tea splits and tea desserts

For the perfect accompaniment to the course, they recommend “Ochawari” (tea cocktail). They offer various choices, including “Sencha” from Tanegashima Island paired with Kumamoto rice shochu, as well as Matcha and Hojicha versions. Additionally, the restaurant offers an extensive selection of Japanese sake.

The dessert is a Financier cake made using tea leaves from the aromatic “Koushun” tea variety. It pairs perfectly with the accompanying Hojicha.

After the meal, guests can move to a separate room to enjoy a leisurely post-meal moment.

Store Information
Address: 2F Higashi-Nakano Tosin Building, 5-3-6 Higashi-Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5989-1433
Opening hours: 5:30pm-11pm
Closed on Monday
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