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What is Oubakubaisa-ryu ?

Oubakubaisa-ryu is a school of Senchado (sencha-style tea ceremony) that originated from the tea ceremony held at Oubaku San Manpukuji Temple in Uji, Kyoto. It is a tradition that inherits the beautiful practices of Senchado alongside the spirit of the tea master Baisaou, who is considered the founder of Senchado. This school was established by Tsusen-an Sondou (1908-1958), and it has been passed down through generations to Tsusen-an Hiroyuki (second generation) and Tsusen-an Takanori (third generation), who have been working to promote Senchado primarily in Takatsuki City, Osaka.

Activities include organizing tea ceremonies for international and cultural exchange, offering tea services at shrines and temples, and hosting Senchado workshops. They have established Senchado classes all over Japan.

Pursuing Beauty through the Way of Tea

In the Oubakubaisa-ryu, both beginners and experienced practitioners learn the art of Senchado, focusing on the practice of “otemae,” the procedure of making tea. During practice sessions, participants engage in the unique otemae styles of this school, including “Heisei otemae” which uses a large tea bowl and practicing the forms of gyokuro and sencha with five tea cups. The school’s teachings emphasize the growth of “beauty and the heart” through cultivating a sense of aesthetics and cherishing each cup of tea.

The formal method of performing otemae in this school is the “ryuurei” style, which is performed while sitting on a chair and using a table. There is no need for formal seiza (sitting on one’s heels) during this practice.

Tokyo Branch of Oubakubaisa-ryu

The Tokyo branch of Oubakubaisa-ryu is run by instructor Sousen Nakai, and they offer classes mainly in Tokyo. Training locations are available in various places in Tokyo, including Harajuku, Meguro, and Aoyama, making it convenient for participants to choose a location that suits them. The classes provide a friendly atmosphere for learning Senchado, and people of all genders and ages are welcome to practice.

Several tea ceremonies are held throughout the year, providing opportunities to showcase your otemae in beautiful settings.

Classes of Oubakubaisa-ryu is recommended for:

– Those interested in learning about Senchado
– Tea enthusiasts.
– People interested in Japanese culture.
– Those seeking to acquire beautiful posture and movements.
– Those looking for an extraordinary experience.
– Those aiming to balance their mind and body.

Information about Tokyo Branch Classes:

Classes Locations:
– Suginami Omiyahachimangu School
– Fukagawa Tomioka Hachimangu School
– Harajuku Banjiro School
– Meguro Hanryuji School
– Aoyama Arca School
– Denenchofu Seseragi-kan School
– Online classes via Zoom

Training Fees:
– Admission fee: ¥5,000
– Monthly fee: ¥6,500 (for two training sessions per month)

About the Instructor, Sousen Nakai:
Sousen Nakai is a professor and instructor of Senchado in Oubakubaisa-ryu. He also serves as a board member of the General Incorporated Association of Oubakubaisa-ryu. He studied Senchado under the guidance of Oubakubaisa-ryu’s grand master at Hirochi Temple in Osaka.
In March 2011, he established the Tokyo Branch of Oubakubaisa-ryu and began offering Senchado classes in Tokyo. He has organized tea gatherings at various locations in Japan, including Tokyo Tower Observatory, Suntory Hall, and the Tokyo branch of Shokoku-ji Temple. Additionally, he has extended his efforts internationally, conducting tea gatherings and workshops in countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, and China.
His dedication has contributed to the promotion and appreciation of Senchado, sharing the joy of Sencha culture both in Japan and around the world.

Oubakubaisa-ryu Tokyo Branch offers free lessson visits and paid trial sessions at all times. If you’re interested, please feel free to inquire using the contact information below:

Oubakubaisa-ryu Tokyo Branch
Contact: sousen.nakai@gmail.com (Sousen Nakai)
Official Website: https://sousennakai.wixsite.com/oubakubaisa-tokyo

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