Profound Japanese tea proposed in a tiny space

TEN(Shimikitazawa, Tokyo)

TEN is a Japanese tea stand located in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. It opened its doors in March 2021. The interior of the shop is compact, occupying just about one square meter, yet it provides a comfortable space to enjoy.

The shop’s design takes inspiration from traditional tea boxes. This distinctive interior design received recognition and won the Interior Product category award at the “JID AWARD 2021,” a design competition that honors outstanding design works.

Offering a wide variety of Japanese tea menus

The menu offers a lineup that allows customers to experience the depth and diversity of Japanese tea, including sencha, matcha, blended teas based on Japanese tea, and even tea-based cocktails. The tea selections offered in the shop are carefully curated by the owner, Shingo Aoki, who has been involved in the tea industry for over a decade. They feature meticulously selected tea leaves from various regions across Japan, including Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Shizuoka.

An attention-grabbing item on the menu is the Original Blend Tea, which incorporates seasonal fruits and herbs into Japanese tea. They offer unique blends such as Shiso and Sudachi Kamairicha and Strawberry and Hojicha. Each blend perfectly harmonizes the rich flavors of the tea with the refreshing aromas and natural sweetness of the added ingredients. As no artificial flavorings are used, the true essence of the ingredients is preserved for a delicious experience.

For those visiting the shop for the first time, the Blend Tea Tasting Set, which allows you to sample three different blend teas, is highly recommended.

Available for various occasions from morning to night

TEN suggests various ways to enjoy tea based on different times of the day and occasions. The Morning Tea Set, available exclusively on weekdays in the morning, features the day’s tea along with a regional dish from the owner’s hometown in western Tottori Prefecture called Itadaki. This dish involves stuffing deep-fried tofu pockets with rice, vegetables, and other ingredients, then cooking them in dashi broth. The nostalgic Polly Tea Bottle is used to serve the tea.

The shop is known for its takeout offerings as well. One standout item is the Seasonal Sencha Sparkling. It combines the refreshing aroma of sencha with the crispness of carbonation, creating a harmonious and refreshing beverage.

The shop also highlights Japanese confections. They offer seasonal wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) crafted by artisans from Niigata. Pairing these with matcha is highly recommended.

End the day with a cup of tea

n the evening, the shop adopts a standing-bar-like atmosphere, allowing customers to enjoy tea-based cocktails. Many patrons visit after enjoying their time in Shimokitazawa, seeking a final cup of tea or tea-based cocktails. One recommended option is the “Tea Lemon Sour,” which features a type of tea known as “Sanruiju” that turns red when acidity is added. Additionally, teas from the menu, such as sencha, matcha, and blended teas, can also be enjoyed as shochu-based tea cocktails.

Store Information
Address: 2-19-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 12am-5pm, 6pm-1am
Open seven days a week
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