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And Tei(Kinshicho, Tokyo)

And Tei is a Japanese tea cafe located in a tranquil residential corner of Kinshicho, Tokyo. It was opened by Yoshihiko Kurahashi in March 2022, who has been active as a “Japanese tea barista.”

Tea time in a sophisticated space

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, And Tei offers a place where you can enjoy a leisurely tea time at your own pace. The interior of the cafe is based on shades of gray, creating a sophisticated and calming atmosphere.

The signature menu at And Tei is the “Plant-Based Milk” Japanese tea latte. They offer four types of tea leaves: genmaicha, hojicha, domestic black tea, and domestically produced oolong tea, and three types of plant-based milk: oat milk, soy milk, and sprout milk. Customers can choose their preferred combination of tea leaves and milk.

Offering environmentally friendly menus

The tea leaves are carefully selected, focusing on domestically produced tea leaves that are environmentally conscious and carry the intentions of their makers. Plant-Based Milk is considered a sustainable alternative to animal-based milk, as it has a lower environmental impact, can be stored at room temperature, and contributes to reducing food waste. And Tei aims to use such sustainable ingredients and create an environmentally conscious establishment.

A recommended combination for the Japanese tea latte is genmaicha with oat milk. The tea is extracted from the leaves to bring out the natural aroma and then simmered with oat milk to enhance the harmony between the tea and milk. The aroma of roasted rice is accentuated, resulting in a gentle and soothing flavor.

In addition to the Japanese tea latte, the menu offers straight tea options such as hojicha and domestic black tea, as well as chai infused with spices.

Scones that go great with Japanese tea milk tea

And Tei also provides around 10 types of sweets that complement the tea experience. Kurahashi, the owner of the cafe, who has experience as a pastry chef, prepares homemade scones and cakes.

Their recommended salt koji scone pairs wonderfully with the Japanese tea latte. Be sure to order it as a set.

Inside the cafe, when you order tea, owner Kurahashi personally and meticulously prepares each cup of tea. “I want people to enjoy the process of brewing the tea,” says Kurahashi. Experience the leisurely tea time that And Tei offers and savor the moment.

Store Information
Address: 1F, 1-22-6, Taihei 4-chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 12am-6pm(Weekdays),10am-7:30pm(Weekends)
Closed on Wednesday 
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