A sencha-themed hot spring inn

KAI Enshu(Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)

KAI, the hot spring inn brand operated by Hoshino Resorts, embodies the theme of Traditional yet New. It aims to provide hospitality that reflects the changing seasons, Japanese aesthetics, and traditions, all while catering to modern needs. The brand offers unique experiences such as Local enjoyment programs where guests can immerse themselves in regional culture and crafts, as well as guest rooms designed to reflect the local culture.

Sencha-themed special stay

KAI Enshu is a hot spring inn(Onsen ryokan) located in Tagonoura Onsen, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. It opened in 2013 with the theme of sencha (green tea) and has integrated tea hospitality into its services due to its connection to Shizuoka, a renowned tea region.

Throughout the inn’s offerings, you can find tea-related programs, a Tea Cellar where guests can compare and enjoy various tea leaves, and tea served before and after bathing. The central courtyard features a Tsumugi Tea Field with tea trees and azaleas, allowing guests to discover the charm of Shizuoka and tea through various experiences.

Spectacular panoramic lake view rooms

All guest rooms at KAI Enshu offer a beautiful view of Lake Hamana. The Local Enjoyment Rooms come in two types. “Enshu Tsumugi no Ma” is a room adorned with traditional Hamamatsu textiles known as Enshu cotton tweed. The vivid and nostalgic world of Enshu cotton tweed can be experienced here.

Moreover, the “Enshu Tsumugi no Ma with Tea Lounge” is a room where guests can fully enjoy the charm of tea. It features a relaxing sofa lounge for sipping tea and a counter space equipped with a sink for brewing tea using exquisite tea utensils.

The large communal bath offers two distinct types of baths: the “Hana no Yu,” an open-air bath where tea leaves are placed in floating baskets, and the “Koto no Yu,” which combines an open-air bath with an indoor cypress bath. These baths can be enjoyed in alternating male and female sessions.

Experience the depth of tea

The Local Enjoyment program, titled “Bicha Rakku” (Beautiful Tea Enjoyment), revolves around rediscovering the allure of tea in every season. It includes activities such as comparing various sencha and tea processing experiences.

Noteworthy is the Bicha Rakku Lounge, introduced in February 2022. This lounge space in the traditional Yukaza style allows guests to relax comfortably. The window-side seats provide a premium view of the picturesque scenery as you savor tea.

Within the Bicha Rakku Lounge, a Tea Cellar offers a selection of 13 Shizuoka tea varieties. Guests can choose their preferred tea and enjoy it either in the lounge or in their room.

The lounge’s open counter seats also host the Local Enjoyment programs, and in the evenings, guests can indulge in tea-infused cocktails called “Ochake.”

With seasonal events and refined hospitality, KAI Enshu ensures a pleasant stay. It’s certainly a destination to consider for your next getaway.

Address: 399-1 Tateyamaji-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City
Phone: 0570-073-011
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