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Chaya Suzuwa(Shizuoka)

Located in the cha-machi area of Shizuoka City, Chaya Suzuwa is a shop that specializes in tea and lifestyle tools. It is operated by the well-established tea merchant Suzuwa Shouten, founded in 1848.

With the theme of “proposing a lifestyle centered around tea that is gentle to the mind and body,” the “Chaya Suzuwa” brand offers a range of tea, teapots, and miscellaneous goods for sale.

The tea they sell is created using the traditional blending techniques passed down through generations at Suzuwa Shouten. They offer products that allow you to experience the depth of blended tea, including rich aromas, depth of flavor, and lingering aftertaste.

The tea tools are personally selected by the sixth-generation owner of Suzuwa Shouten, Keisuke Atsumi. They offer a variety of teapots and tea utensils that enrich the tea-drinking experience, with a focus on handmade items.

Inside the shop, you can also find a display of Atsumi’s beautiful teaware collection (not for sale). Listening to his stories about each piece of teaware can be a delightful experience. When you visit Chaya Suzuwa, you not only get to appreciate the charm of Shizuoka tea but also delve into the depth of Japanese tea culture. Don’t miss the chance to visit and experience it for yourself.

Store information 
Address: 3-68 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-271-1238
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am-4:30pm
Saturday (2nd and 4th) 11am-6pm
Closed on Thursdays, Saturdays (1st, 3rd, 5th), Sundays, Holidays
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