Japanese tea store offering draft tea

CHABAKKA TEA PARKS(Kamarakura, Kanagawa)

Located in Kamakura’s Onarimachi area, CHABAKKA TEA PARKS is a Japanese tea select shop that proposes a new way to enjoy Japanese tea with the concept of “stylishly enjoying Japanese tea entertainment.”

One of the hot menus is the “Draft Tea,” poured directly from a specially modified beer dispenser. It allows you to enjoy sencha and hojicha with a creamy nitrogen-infused foam.

The shop places a strong emphasis on single-origin tea, selecting tea from various regions across Japan. With about 17 different types of tea including sencha, kamair-cha(pan-fired tea), black tea, and oolong tea, each variety’s distinct characteristics shine through.

CHABAKKA TEA PARKS doesn’t only focus on tea; they also actively develop original products. The shop functions as a lifestyle store with a diverse array of offerings.

On display are items ranging from tumblers and incense burners to apparel like T-shirts, as well as a wide range of food products including organic salt infused with tea and instant ochazuke ingredients.

They’re also actively engaged in collaborations with other industries, such as producing sauna towels in partnership with a towel manufacturer from Imabari.

One of the major charms of CHABAKKA TEA PARKS is their attentive customer service. Owner Miura aims for memorable customer service that stays in the customers’ memories.

With pleasant customer service, experience the new way of enjoying tea in the Chabakka style.

Store information 
Address: 11-10 Onarimachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa
Phone: 0467-84-7598
Opening hours: 11pm-6pm 
Open seven days a week
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