Specializing in single origin tea leaves and teapots

Aozuru Chaho(Yanaka, Tokyo)

Located near Tokyo’s Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street, Aozuru Chaho is a specialty store dedicated to Japanese tea and teapots, led by Florent Weugue, a French national who became the first French person to obtain qualifications as a Japanese tea instructor.

The shop’s standout feature is its focus on Single Origin tea, which is sourced from a single farm or a single tea variety. They offer more than 30 different varieties, each showcasing the unique characteristics of the tea variety and its place of origin.

The selection of tea includes a variety of sencha (green tea) as well as domestically produced black tea. They also introduce Kamairi-cha(Pan-fired tea) and gyokuro (shade-grown green tea). Their tea collection spans various regions, including Saitama’s Sayama, Kyoto’s Uji, the mountainous areas of Shizuoka, and various prefectures in Kyushu.

Florent Weugue, the shop manager, aims to make tea selection an enjoyable experience for customers. To facilitate this, they provide detailed descriptions of each tea’s flavor characteristics on the packaging, and arrange the products according to their flavor profiles, making it easier for customers to choose.

Tea leaves are available not only in 100g packages but also in smaller 40g packages. They also offer assortments of tea bags containing five different types of tea, catering to newcomers interested in exploring tea. While not all teas are available for tasting, the shop’s policy of allowing customers to sample teas of interest is an appealing aspect.

Aozuru Chaho boasts an extensive collection of teapots as well, making it one of the premier choices in Tokyo. They offer a diverse range of teapots, primarily focusing on pottery from Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture and Banko-yaki from Mie Prefecture. If you’re in search of teapots, this shop is definitely worth checking out.

Store Information
Address: 3-14-6 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5842-1315
Opening hours: 11am-5:30pm 
Closed on Wednesday 
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