Tasting finest sencha and matcha

Saten Japanese tea(Nishiogikubo, Tokyo)

Saten Japanese tea is a Japanese tea cafe located in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo. Established in 2018 with the concept of “Leaf to Relief,” it has gained popularity. The cafe provides Japanese tea that aligns with daily life, accompanied by the stories of its producers.

Saten Japanese tea employs a unique style for tea extraction. Using teapots (kyusu), they carefully brew each cup of tea, one at a time. The focus is on offering single-origin tea leaves sourced from specific farms and varieties. Each tea embodies the characteristics of its producer, origin, and variety.

The tea is available on the drink menu and is also sold in-store and on the official e-commerce site. Those who find their favorites can enjoy them at home as well.

The popular matcha latte uses premium matcha from Uji, Kyoto. It offers the authentic balance of matcha’s subtle sweetness and gentle astringency, creating a refreshing taste that spreads in the mouth.

A menu highlight not to be missed, is the “Matcha Pudding,” which has garnered attention on social media and in the press. This matcha-infused delicacy pairs wonderfully with matcha lattes or sencha(Steamed green tea).

In addition, the drink menu offers an array of options, including original blend coffee and meticulously crafted apple juice. When hunger strikes, red bean butter toast is also highly recommended.

The interior of the cafe is characterized by a Japanese modern atmosphere, with an open space illuminated by natural sunlight.

Store Information
Address: 3-25-9 Shoan, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 10am-7pm
Open seven days a week
Irregular holidays
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