Unique Japanese-style cafe with mattress seating

Yusoshi Shibuya(Shibuya, Tokyo)

In the corner of the basement floor of the Shibuya Tobu Hotel in Tokyo, you’ll find Yusoshi Shibuya, a Japanese-style cafe that opened in June 2021. At this cafe, they provide white mattresses where you can relax and stretch out your feet, inviting you to unwind in a relaxed manner. Additionally, they have set up tables with a traditional ambiance and counter seats, creating a cozy Japanese-style space.

At Yusoshi Shibuya, they offer a variety of dishes and drinks that are gentle on the body, including vegetable-rich lunches, seasonal sweets, herbal teas, flavored teas, and house-roasted coffee. The lunch set includes a main dish, rice, side dishes, and miso soup, allowing you to choose from about 10 options such as fish and meat. It’s a healthy home-cooked meal that incorporates seasonal ingredients.

The sweets menu features carefully crafted parfaits using seasonal ingredients, as well as special items like hojicha mousse made with Uji hojicha from Kyoto and a chocolate cake with a soft texture. These offerings showcase their commitment to quality.

For drinks, they have a diverse lineup including flavored teas extracted from natural fruit juices, tea sodas, and ’24/7 COFFEE,’ their own house-roasted coffee that emphasizes the fruity notes. Their afternoon tea is highly recommended, offering a chance to enjoy various desserts paired with flavored teas.

During the evening, Yusoshi Shibuya transforms into a place for dinner and drinks. It’s a valuable spot that can cater to various situations and needs.

Store Information

Address: B1F Shibuya Tobu Hotel, 3-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5428-1765
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am~9pm
Sat, Sun, Holiday 11am~10:30pm
Closed at the end of the year and new year holiday 
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