Long-established business in Kyoto with 300 years of history

Ippodo Chaho Tokyo Marunouchi Store(Marunouchi,Tokkyo)

Introducing Kyoto’s long-established Japanese tea specialty store, Ippodo Chaho founded in 1717. With its main store located in Kyoto City, it has expanded to various department stores such as Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya throughout Japan.

Communicating a life with tea

In 2010, Ippodo Chaho Tokyo Marunouchi Store opened its doors in Marunouchi, Tokyo. Along with a tea room called Kaboku, it offers a wide range of products similar to the Kyoto main store, proposing a rich tea-oriented lifestyle under the themes of buying, enjoying, and learning.

The tea used in Ippodo Chaho primarily comes from tea leaves cultivated in the mountainous regions at the border of Kyoto, Nara, and Shiga prefectures. Grown at high altitudes with significant temperature fluctuations between morning and evening, these tea leaves boast a delightful aroma and a gentle, distinct flavor.

A wide variety of products for various occasions

The product lineup mainly focuses on four categories: matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha. In total, they offer around 30 varieties of tea for sale.

For those seeking a quick and authentic tea experience, the shop also provides an extensive selection of tea bags. 

Their Drip Tea Bags offer the convenience of coffee-style brewing, featuring sencha and hojicha. They strive to offer a diverse range of teas to suit various scenes and purposes.

One of the charms of Ippodo Chaho lies in its customer-centric and pleasant service. They maintain just the right distance to communicate with customers effectively and offer tea recommendations tailored to their preferences.

A unique tea experience at Marunouchi

At the tea room Kaboku, customers can enjoy the various teas offered by Ippodo Chaho, including matcha, gyokuro, and sencha.

The interior exudes a calming ambiance with the warmth of wood.

A recommended menu item, “Matcha Goomon,” allows customers to savor a rich matcha prepared in a thick tea style, using a spoon. It comes with hojicha and chocolate, providing a unique and delightful combination.

By the way, “Goomon” is a term derived from French, meaning a food lover.
Additionally, the store also offers take-out options, providing four types of tea: matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and hojicha.

Various events are held irregularly at each Ippodo Chaho store. For instance, at the Marunouchi store, they conduct brewing classes to introduce the joy of whisking matcha or brewing tea with a teapot, aiming to showcase the appeal of tea.
For the latest updates, please check the store’s website and social media accounts. The website also offers various articles filled with the charms of Ippodo Chaho for you to explore.

Store Information
Address: 1F, Kokusai Building, Naka-dori, 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6212-0202
Opening hours: 12am-7pm 
Open seven days a week
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