Specializing in domestic black tea

TEAROOM Yoshiki Handa(Machiya, Tokyo)

The quality of domestically produced Japanese black tea has been improving, and its popularity has been increasing year by year. Black tea cultivation takes place in various regions across Japan, including Kyushu, Kansai, and Kanto, and it’s often referred to as a wakocha(Japanese black tea). Consequently, specialty shops and cafes dedicated to domestic black tea have been on the rise nationwide, and even in Tokyo, there’s a growing number of establishments offering high-quality black teas from different parts of Japan.

Experience in a French tea specialty store

TEAROOM Yoshiki Handa is a specialty tea shop located in a peaceful residential area of Machiya in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo., focusing exclusively on domestically produced black tea. The owner, Takanori Handa, who used to work at the French tea shop Mariage Frères, embarked on an independent journey and opened the shop in July 2021.

At this establishment, Handa leverages the extensive knowledge and experience he gained during his time at Mariage Frères to introduce the allure of domestically produced black tea. Since its opening, the shop has become popular among local residents, accumulating a devoted group of regular customers.

Seasonal sweets for black tea

The menu comprises five distinctive types of black tea that Handa encountered during his travels to various domestic black tea-producing regions throughout Japan. Additionally, they offer items like Earl Grey, pan-fired tea, and hojicha that are based on domestically produced black tea. The menu is designed to provide a taste of the depth and diversity found in Japanese teas.

Within the cozy interior, customers can indulge in a tea comparison experience by choosing two tea from the menu. The black tea can be enjoyed as iced tea or milk tea as well.

TEAROOM Yoshiki Handa also offers around 10 original sweets crafted by a dedicated pastry chef. The showcase displays tarts, cakes, cream puffs, and more, each using seasonal fruits to capture the essence of the moment. Pairing these treats with black tea is highly recommended.

The interior of the shop provides a comfortable and relaxing ambiance perfect for enjoying your tea time.

Original blended tea is available.

The shop offers domestically produced black tea products ideal for both home enjoyment and gifting. 

While the primary focus is on single-origin teas from individual plantations, they also present Handa’s own blends of original black teas. These blends, known as “3 O’Clock Tea” and “Morning Tea,” provide a different taste experience from single-origin teas. They are available in small quantities, allowing you to enjoy tea-tasting comparisons.

Takeout options are available for the tea, with cold-brewed iced tea being particularly suitable for hot weather.

If you have any questions about black tea, Handa is more than willing to offer detailed explanations at the shop. For those curious about the evolving world of domestically produced black tea, paying a visit to the shop is highly recommended.

Store Information
Address: 3-6-1 Machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6770-3166
Opening hours:  11:30am-7pm
Closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 
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