Serving specialty coffee and Japanese tea

LIT COFFEE & TEA STAND(Shibakoen, Tokyo)

Located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, LIT COFFEE & TEA STAND is a cafe that opened its doors in January 2020 as a sister establishment to the cafe Seven Colors in Shimokitazawa.

Specialty coffee store offers Japanese tea

LIT COFFEE & TEA STAND specializes in specialty coffee and Japanese tea. It operates under the theme of what would be nice to have, catering to a diverse clientele including locals, students, businessmen, and foreigners.

The interior is designed with a fusion of Japanese and Western elements. The modern space is highlighted by exposed concrete walls, and warmth is introduced through the use of wood in the ceilings and tables, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

The coffee beans used are sourced from the specialty coffee shop, Sunny Bell Coffee in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The menu predominantly features dark-roast coffee known for its robust flavor.

Hojicha brewed in an espresso machine

For Japanese tea, the cafe offers distinctive drinks with meticulous attention to detail. One notable example is the Hojicha Espresso Latte. 

This drink involves extracting finely powdered hojicha using an espresso machine, resulting in a hojicha latte that captures the unique aroma and richness of hojicha. Baristas create charming latte art for this drink.

The hojicha used is a premium selection of tea leaves carefully chosen by the traditional tea merchant Kanei Hitokoto Seicha from Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It’s a specially crafted hojicha tailored to complement the Hojicha Espresso Latte.

Variety of Japanese tea menu lineup

The Military Latte is a unique creation exclusive to the cafe, blending coffee jelly with matcha latte. It’s a harmonious blend of the flavors of matcha, milk’s sweetness, and the bittersweetness of coffee jelly.

Furthermore, the menu offers flavored green teas like Earl Grey Sencha and Yuzu Sencha from the tea farm Kaneju-nouen in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Variations like “Sencha Lemonade” and “Hojicha Chai” are also available.

Seasonal tea desserts

Desserts using tea are also recommended at LIT COFFEE & TEA STAND. The Sayama Tea Chiffon Pudding features Sayama tea from Saitama, offering a popular delicacy perfected through trial and error. It showcases the genuine aroma and flavor of tea while maintaining a balanced sweetness.

Additionally, seasonal tea-based sweets like the Hojicha Cheesecake make periodic appearances. The menu also boasts standout hot sandwiches.

The Semi-Soft-Boiled Egg and Mozzarella Cheese Tuna Melt is the most popular hot sandwich featuring tuna mayo, semi-soft-boiled egg, and melted mozzarella cheese. Its simple and timeless flavor is sure to satisfy you during lunchtime.

Store Information
Address: Radice Shiba 1F, 2-15-15 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6722-0038
Opening hours: 8am-6pm
Open seven days a week
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