A tea store supporting Kanazawa's tea culture

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho Main Store(Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

The specialized Japanese tea shop Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho in Kanazawa. Inheriting the name from a well-established tea merchant in Kyoto, it was founded in 1949.

Located conveniently close to the popular tourist spot Higashi Chaya District in Kanazawa is the Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho Main Store. Here, they sell a variety of tea including Kaga Boucha, matcha, sencha, and Japanese black tea.

The store features a cafe space where you can enjoy tea along with traditional Japanese sweets.

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho offers three varieties of Kaga Boucha that are carefully roasted using far-infrared roasting machines. The most popular is “Hyakumangoku Kaga Boucha.” It is a hojicha made by lightly roasting the stems of the first-plucked tea to preserve their umami and achieve a plump texture.

“Kaga Boucha Hanakaori” is made by gently roasting the finest first-plucked stems, resulting in a product with a delightful aroma.

Inspired by the literary figure Izumi Kyoka, known for his fondness for Kaga Boucha, “Kaga Boucha Kyoka” is made by lightly roasting carefully selected tender stems to bring out the natural richness of tea.

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho owns its tea plantation on Noto Island in Nanao Bay, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where they have been producing black tea for about ten years. The black tea produced on Noto Island is sold under the name “Noto no Koucha.” It’s characterized by a sweet floral aroma and a refreshing taste. They also offer blends of herbs and yuzu with “Noto no Koucha.”
In addition to straight black tea, they also sell blends that incorporate herbs and yuzu.

Known for its deeply-rooted tea ceremony culture and boasting one of the highest rates of tea practitioners in the country, Kanazawa has a rich tea culture. Kanbayashi Kanazawa chaho also sells high-quality matcha for tea ceremony purposes.

They also offer a range of teas including sencha, gyokuro, and genmaicha, catering to various situations from everyday use to entertaining guests.

Kamibayashi Kanazawa Chaho also has a store in Kanazawa Emza, a department store located across from the Omicho Market.

Store information 
Address: 1-7 Shimo-Shinmachi, Kanazawa City
Phone: 076-231-0390
Opening hours: 9:30am-4pm(L.O. 5pm)
Closed on year-end and New Year’s holidays and the third Sunday of the month
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