Offering over 50 varieties of tea

THE TEA SHOP CHANOMI Main Store(Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

The Japanese tea specialty store THE TEA SHOP CHANOMI is located in Kanazawa City. With the theme of “proposing a wonderful life with Japanese tea,” they offer a variety of tea from all over Japan. The main store in Togashi, Kanazawa, also features a cafe where you can enjoy their carefully selected tea along with original Japanese sweets.

THE TEA SHOP CHANOMI was founded in 2018 by the owner, Hiroshi Nishiue, with the aim of preserving the culture and origins of Japanese tea. Since then, they have been based in Kanazawa, bridging the gap between tea producers and consumers, and continuously proposing a tea-enriched lifestyle while cherishing tradition.

The flagship product of the store is their “Fukurocha” (Bag Tea). This original product, born from the idea of wanting even those without a teapot to enjoy delicious tea, comes in tea bag form.

“Fukurocha” includes over 50 varieties of tea, including Kaga Boucha, sencha, domestic oolong tea, flavored tea, herbal tea, and caffeine-free tea. They also offer a wide range of tea suitable for cold brewing.
Their notable “Fukurocha” can also be purchased on their online store “Denmoudou,” so be sure to visit the site.

Kanazawa’s specialty “Kaga Boucha” includes the “Ichiban-cha Jukusei Boucha,” where the stems of the first-plucked tea are aged for about half a year to bring out their umami, and “Bou Houji (Leaf Tea, Bag Tea),” which are carefully roasted at a low temperature. They also sell roasted tea made from second-plucked tea leaves and autumn-winter harvest tea.

They also offer premium sencha carefully selected from various regions including Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, and Uji.

At the store, you can sample any tea you’re curious about. The staff is also charmingly willing to provide information if you have questions about choosing tea.

The attached cafe space has an open atmosphere.

You can enjoy all the tea and sweets from “Fukurocha.” Their recommended drink is “Jo Matcha” (Premium Matcha), which offers four different flavors of high-quality matcha from Uji (Kyoto), Nishio (Aichi), Ise (Mie), and Yame (Fukuoka). You can enjoy “Jo Matcha” as a straight matcha or a matcha latte.

For sweets, they offer the “Cha no Mi Sunday” and “Cha no Mi Jo Matcha Terrine,” which are topped with gold leaf and Kaga Boucha powder, respectively.

They have various other drinks and sweets, so be sure to check them out at the shop. THE TEA SHOP CHANOMI also has a shop in the central area of Kanazawa, located in the Omicho Market.

Store information 
Address: 2-8-24 Togashi, Kanazawa City
Phone: 076-227-9400
Opening hours: 10am-7pm 
Closed on Wednesdays except New Year’s holidays
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