Eperience the charm of pottery and Japanese tea


Located in the bustling area of Minamisenba in Osaka, Wad is a tea cafe and gallery that opened its doors in 2009. They offer a space to enjoy ceramics and tea.

The second-floor cafe, Wad Cafe, offers a modern twist on the spirit of the tea ceremony by providing Japanese and Chinese tea in carefully curated ceramics. 

The interior with its white walls creates an open and inviting ambiance, perfect for savoring a delightful experience.

On the third floor, the gallery space hosts irregular exhibitions by contemporary ceramic artists.

In addition to its cafe and gallery operations, Wad offers workshops for the traditional art of “kintsugi,” a technique that repairs broken or chipped ceramics. They offer both a “Basic Kintsugi Workshop” and an “Advanced Kintsugi Workshop” concurrently.

The Japanese teas at Wad Cafe predominantly feature tea leaves from producers in Wazuka, Kyoto, and Makinohara, Shizuoka. Wazuka teas encompass a range from the rich, sweet-covered sencha to the refreshing taste of wakoucha (Japanese black tea) made from the Yabukita cultivar. The covered sencha can be enjoyed for three to five infusions, with the final leaves used to make “ohitashi,” a traditional Japanese dish with soy sauce and bonito flakes.

Makinohara tea, on the other hand, offers a unique roasted aroma in their kamairi-cha (pan-fired tea) and the refreshing fragrance of oolong tea.
Their collection of teapots includes about 20 varieties from both domestic and international artisans, chosen to match the type of tea being served.

The tea bowls are also diverse and elegant, allowing you to appreciate not only the taste of the tea but also the beauty of the ceramics.

In a nearby building, Wad has a reservation-only collection room where they exhibit and sell their ceramics. If you’re interested, make a reservation and explore their collection.

Store information
Address: 2F&3F, Toshin Building, 4-9-3 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone: 06-4708-3616
Opening hours: 12am-7pm
Open seven days a week
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