Selling kyusu (teapot) made by skilled artists

Space Tokonabe(Tokoname, Aichi)

Aichi Prefecture’s Tokoname City, known as one of Japan’s leading teapot-producing regions, has given birth to numerous master potters, including the three generations of human national treasure, Jozan Yamada. The traditional techniques passed down since the Edo period remain vibrant today, with artisans and craftsmen creating teapots that captivate tea enthusiasts worldwide.

SPACE Tokonabe is a teapot specialty store that sells teapots crafted by seasoned artisans who have long supported Tokoname’s teapot-making tradition. The three-story building, once a pottery factory, was repurposed and opened in 2000. The interior exudes history and elegance, resembling a museum dedicated to Tokoname teapots.

At this store, they showcase teapots from about 16 representative artisans of Tokoname, including Fugetsu Murakoshi, Hiroshi Koie, and Yokei Mizuno, who were disciples of the third-generation Jozan Yamada. In addition to veterans, they also offer teapots for promising young artists.

They have a wide range of teapots, including the iconic Tokoname-style teapot with a beautiful reddish-brown “shudei” finish, teapots created using traditional techniques like “mogake” (seaweed application on the surface of the clay), and handle-less teapots known as “shibori-dashi.” These teapots come in various designs and craftsmanship styles.

SPACE Tokonabe is an essential destination for teapot hunting in Tokoname. You can catch a glimpse of the diverse world of teapot craftsmanship unique to Tokoname, and there’s no doubt that you’ll develop an even higher interest in teapots once you visit the store. Take your time to explore and find the teapot that suits you best.

Store information
Address: 6-204 Sakae-cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi
Phone: 045-211-4773
Opening hours: 10am-5pm 
Open on Saturdays and Sundays

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