Specializing in Japanese tea and Taiwanese tea

Kotoko Chaten(Kyodo, Tokyo)

Situated along the Odakyu Line is the charming town of Kyodo, known for its tranquil atmosphere. Kotoko Chaten is a shop specializing in Japanese tea and Taiwanese tea that opened near Kyodo Station in 2020.

The interior of the shop is characterized by its white walls and wooden tables. Within this serene ambiance, you can leisurely enjoy your tea time.

The owner, Ms. Baba, had worked at a specialized Chinese tea shop for over a decade. The tea she meticulously brews with her carefully chosen teaware and graceful gestures is truly exceptional.

Kotoko Chaten offers around 30 varieties of tea. Taiwanese tea primarily features fragrant and high-quality oolong tea. 

Their Japanese tea comes from producers dedicated to tea cultivation in Nara and Kumamoto. You can enjoy a range of tea that showcase the unique characteristics of the producers, such as pesticide-free pan-fired green tea, naturally cultivated black tea, and hojicha (roasted green tea).

The tea is also available for purchase at the shop, offering a diverse lineup from premium tea leaves to those suitable for everyday use. The availability of small-sized products is a plus. The packaging of the teas features refined designs, making them an excellent choice for gifts.

The shop also sells a variety of lovely teaware that Ms. Baba sourced from places like Taiwan. It’s a selection that tea enthusiasts won’t be able to resist.

Store Information
Address: 1F, 3-4-1 Miyasaka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 12am-7pm 
Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays 
Cafe is closed on Thursdays 
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