Matcha Cafe Produced by Tea Farmer

GOCHIO cafe(Uji, Kyoto)

GOCHIO cafe is a matcha cafe produced by Uji’s tea estate Chaen Shimizuya. It is located about a 3-minute walk from JR Uji Station.

Chaen Shimizuya is a tea estate that has been passed down through generations since the Edo period, practicing the traditional “Oishita” cultivation method(Covering the tea fields) to produce tencha (the raw material for matcha). The tencha produced in this estate is categorized as a single origin tea, harvested once a year through careful hand-picking.  In 2016, they became the first tea estate in Uji to obtain JAS organic certification.

With the goal of sharing the allure of their self-cultivated single origin tea, Chaen Shimizuya opened the GOCHIO cafe in 2016. They propose the charms of matcha tailored to modern living. From their in-house produced matcha to drinks and sweets featuring hand-picked, top-grade matcha, you can casually enjoy a variety of offerings.

Their most popular menu is the “Koicha Parfait,” which delivers the rich flavor of matcha. Alongside it, consider trying the “Uji Matcha Espresso Style,” a concentrated representation of the tastiness of Chaen Shimizuya’s” matcha.

Within the cafe, they offer a retail space where you can purchase their proud tea. You can also purchase rare single origin matcha varieties such as “Asahi” and “Samidori.”

Store information 
Address: 36 Uji myoraku,  Uji City, Kyoto
Phone: 0774-25-3335
Opening hours: 11am-4:30pm 
Closed on the spring harvest season 
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