Delivering the taste of Uji tea

Yuion chaho(Osaka)

In Osaka’s Tanimachi Rokuchome district, where historic row houses and traditional townhouses still line the streets, preserving a nostalgic ambiance, Yuion chaho proudly stands hidden away in the alleyways of this neighborhood.

Nostalgic Showa-era retro space

With more than a century’s history, the shop’s remarkable interior is a renovation of an old row house.

Low tables and weathered furniture create an ambiance that evokes the nostalgia of the Showa era.

Tea leaves from a single farmer in Uji

Yuion chaho serves as a daytime teahouse offering lunch and sweets alongside Japanese tea, and as an evening Japanese tea bar, providing Japanese tea cocktails. The tea selection includes carefully curated Uji teas such as sencha, gyokuro(shaded green tea), and matcha, sourced directly from individual farmers. These premium tea leaves exude rich aromas and full-bodied flavors.

The tea is savored through three steepings, with flavors evolving through each infusion. After the third steeping, you can sprinkle soy sauce onto the tea leaves and appreciate the profound taste of the tea itself. 

Open as a Japanese tea bar at night

The owner, Mr. Yamaoka, a former bartender, has been crafting original Japanese tea cocktails since Yuion chaho opened in 2013.

The current cocktail menu features a variety of spirits, centering on gin, shochu, and plum wine-based Japanese tea cocktails. The menu allows you to enjoy the first steeping as straight tea, the second steeping as a cocktail, and the soy-sprinkled tea leaves as a companion to your drink.

Original confections using Japanese tea are also offered, including chocolate truffles and ohagi (sweet rice balls). Unique treats like Hojicha Anmitsu(bean jam with jelly) and Japanese Tea Ice Cream are part of the dessert lineup.

Specialty Hoji Inari for lunch.

For lunch, they offer the Hojicha Inari Bento, which includes inari sushi made with hojicha-infused rice and a variety of daily-changing side dishes like simmered vegetables. 

Additionally, they sell bento boxes featuring their renowned hojicha inari and side dishes. These bento boxes can also include nostalgic Polly Tea Bottles filled with Japanese tea.

Reservations can be made for seating at Yuion chaho, making advance bookings recommended. Set aside time to fully engage with the flavors of Uji tea and Japanese tea cocktails in the charming ambiance of the shop.

Store Information
Address: 14-2, Tanimachi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone: 06-4305-4926
Opening hours: 12am-12pm 
Closed on Monday and Third Tuesday of the month
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