Enjoying Kaga-boucha and Japanese wagashi

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho Emza Kanazawa Store(Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho is a specialized Japanese tea store located in Kanazawa. Inheriting the name from a well-established tea merchant in Kyoto, it was founded in 1949.
The Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho Emza Kanazawa Store located within the Kanazawa Emza department store in the heart of Kanazawa is a Japanese tea cafe. The store features both table seating and counter seating, providing a relaxing space to enjoy tea and traditional Japanese sweets.

The cafe menu offers the “Japanese Tea Set,” which includes teas like Kaga Boucha, sencha, and matcha, accompanied by Wagashi (Japanese confectionery). Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho’s Kaga Boucha is made by lightly roasting the finest first-plucked tea stems, boasting a delicate aroma and refined taste. It pairs excellently with Wagashi.

The shop also recommends their Kaga Boucha and matcha ice cream.

In the retail area of the shop, a variety of teas are available for purchase. 

The constantly popular product, “Hyakumangoku Kaga Boucha,” is a Kaga Boucha made by gently roasting the stems of the first-plucked tea to preserve their flavor.

There’s also the “Kaga Boucha Kyouka,” inspired by the literary figure Izumi Kyoka, who was said to have loved Kaga Boucha. This tea is crafted by roasting the finest stems based on the roasting method from the Meiji era. Their packaging, featuring a natsume can, is also quite charming.

They also recommend “Noto no Koucha,” a Japanese black tea produced in their own tea plantation on Noto Island in Nanao Bay, Ishikawa Prefecture. It’s characterized by a sweet floral aroma and a refreshing taste. Blends of herbs and yuzu with “Noto no Koucha” are also popular.

Known as a city with a thriving tea ceremony culture and one of the highest rates of tea practitioners in Japan, Kanazawa has a rich culture of tea ceremony.  Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho caters not only to matcha enthusiasts but also provides a wide range of tea ceremony tools such as matcha whisks. 

The main store of Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho is located not far from the Higashi Chaya District.

Store information 
Address: 1F, Kanazawa Mza, 15-1 Musashi-machi, Kanazawa city
Phone: 076-260-2608
Opening hours: 10am-6:30pm
Closed following the schedule of Kanazawa Mza
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