Dining with Japanese tea pairings

Modern Satoyama Cuisine ZEN HOUSE(Ginza, Tokyo)

Preserves Japan’s Rich Food Culture

Located on the basement floor of the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo in Ginza, Tokyo, is the Modern Satoyama Cuisine ZEN HOUSE. This dining establishment, which opened in 2020, offers a unique pairing of cuisine and Japanese tea.

At ZEN HOUSE, they utilize seasonal ingredients sourced from various regions of Japan and incorporate different cooking techniques, blending Japanese and French culinary styles to create dishes that fully embrace the blessings of nature. These dishes, dubbed “Modern Satoyama Cuisine,” allow guests to savor the richness of Japanese food culture in various settings, from breakfast to lunch, tea time, and dinner.

Tea pairings to enhance the flavor of food

Embracing the motto of preserving and passing down the traditions of nationwide culinary culture to the future, ZEN HOUSE has focused on the traditional Japanese beverage of tea since its inception. Notably, distinctive Japanese teas from regions like Saga and Kagoshima find their place on the menu.

Exploring the potential of tea and cuisine pairing, they have developed original teas that complement the flavors of the dishes. These tea are served alongside breakfast and dinner courses.

The “Sekki-tea,” used for pairing, is an original blend of tea created while envisioning the scenes of the twenty-four solar terms, incorporating seasonal ingredients unique to Japan, such as the seven herbs and kumquats, into a base of Japanese tea.

Furthermore, they offer other unique tea pairings such as “Dashi-wari Tea,” which extracts roasted green tea with bonito dashi and serves it with kombu salt, and a lightly roasted houjicha infused with nanohana (rape blossoms) and gobo (burdock). The combination of original tea made from Japanese ingredients and “Modern Satoyama Cuisine” provides a rare and distinctive culinary experience only available here.

Afternoon tea with a taste of the season

During weekends and holidays, they introduce a monthly changing afternoon tea menu called “Chaen” featuring a variety of sweets with a focus on desserts and traditional Japanese confections made from seasonal fruits. Their drink menu includes a wide selection, from Japanese tea to German tea brand “Ronnerfeldt” tea, flavored tea, and herbal tea.

The interior of the establishment modernly adapts the traditional Japanese aesthetic, creating a spacious and serene environment where patrons can enjoy their meals and tea in comfort.

Store Information
Address: Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo B1F, 5-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6260-6851
Opening hours: 7am-10am / 11am-9pm  
Open seven days a week
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