Japanese tea experience in a Japanese-style room

Takizme(Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Takizme is located in a residential area of Shinagawa, Tokyo. Opening its doors in February 2021, this charming Japanese house from the Showa era offers a unique and special Japanese tea experience.

At Takizme, they offer three main tea experiences: Balancing Tea, Welcoming Tea, and Tea Salon Takizme. These experiences incorporate meditation and offer a chance to savor the beauty of Japanese tea culture. Guests can engage their senses, reflect within, and indulge in the serene moments that tea brings.

The Balancing Tea course, spanning approximately 120 minutes, allows guests to enjoy tea and seasonal sweets. The experience begins with meditation, guided by the host, to help guests find their center and calm their minds. Following this, the host prepares a selection of three carefully curated teas from various regions in Japan, which are savored alongside exquisite tea sweets.

Similar to Balancing Tea, the Welcoming Tea experience also starts with meditation and lasts around 120 minutes. This lavish course offers four of the finest teas accompanied by delectable sweets. The host first prepares the tea, and the finale involves guests themselves engaging in the art of tea preparation.

The experience is enriched by a variety of meticulously crafted utensils, and throughout the course, guests are invited to engage in conversations about the tea and the implements used, further deepening their understanding.

The tea sweets are thoughtfully selected to match the seasons and may include freshly baked dumplings or daifuku (sweet rice cakes). Their flavors harmonize beautifully with the diverse range of teas.

It’s worth noting that both the Balancing Tea and Welcoming Tea courses are also available in English, making these tea experiences equally accessible to foreign visitors.

Embark on a journey of nourishing the mind and body, and embrace a revitalizing moment at Takizme. Allow yourself to immerse in the essence of tea culture and discover the harmony that it brings.

Store Information
Address: 1-28-7 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 080-9536-3260
Opening hours: 
・Balancing Tea & Welcoming Tea Course
Wednesday & Thursday 11am/3pm/6pm Saturday 10am 
・Tea Salon TAKIZME
Saturday 1pm〜8:30pm Sunday  11pm〜4:30pm
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Friday
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