Offering distinctive types of Ise tea

Mirume Shinryoku Sabo(Nagoya)

Mirume Shinryoku Sabo is a Japanese tea cafe that opened in Nagoya City in 2021. It is situated in the Endoji Shopping Street in the Nagano district, the heart of Nagoya.

The cafe serves tea from Shinryoku Sabo, a tea farm located in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. Mie is the third-largest tea-producing region in Japan, following Shizuoka and Kagoshima, and is known for its “Ise tea.”

The cafe’s interior offers a modern and welcoming atmosphere, with the first floor serving as a retail space and the second floor dedicated to the cafe area.

They offer five distinctive types of tea, including the rich and aromatic Kabusecha(covered green tea) of Ise tea and the rare Gyokuro(shaded green tea). They use Banko-yaki teapots, representative of Mie Prefecture, allowing you to savor your tea at a leisurely pace. Additionally, you can enjoy pairings with Japanese sweets such as Daifuku, Manju, and cheesecake.

Mirume Shinryoku Sabo also provides a takeout service called “Asa(morning) Bottle” for office workers in the nearby area. Customers can visit the cafe in the morning before work, pay 300 yen, receive a cold-brewed green tea bottle, and return the empty bottle after work. Since the bottle is generously filled with tea leaves, even after finishing it once, you can refill it with water and enjoy it up to three times.

On the first floor’s retail space, you can purchase carefully selected Ise tea leaves and tea bags. They offer a variety of unique teas produced by Shinryoku Sabo.

At the storefront, you can sample two recommended teas. During the tasting, you’ll receive cards that provide information about the tea’s production methods and origin, and the staff will kindly introduce you to the tea. If you happen to visit Nagoya, be sure to pay a visit to Mirume Shinryoku Sabo.

Store information
Address: 1-36-57, Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi
Phone: 052-526-8739
Opening hours:  Mon-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat, Sun, Holiday 9am-7pm 
Asa bottle Service 8am-10am 
Closed on Wednesdays 
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