Japanese tea cafe in the hottest area of Nagoya

Nagono Sabou Hanasenca(Nagoya)

Nagono Sabou Hanasenca is a Japanese tea cafe located in the Nagono area, designated as a preserved historic district in Nagoya City. It opened its doors in 2020, and it’s housed within a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house that has been renovated with the concept of “Rediscovering the Value of Japanese Tea and Matcha.”

The interior of the cafe offers a cozy and modern ambiance, and there’s a beautiful tsubo-niwa (courtyard) at the back of the shop.

The manager Chika, is a former wedding planner with years of experience in wedding production. She leverages her extensive background to create a unique world of tea with a focus on exceptional hospitality. The attention to detail is evident not only in the quality of the tea but also in the gestures, interior decor, and teawares throughout the establishment.

Nagono Sabou Hanasenca offers a fascinating lineup of tea that captures the depth of Japanese tea culture. One of the recommendations is tea from Higashishirakawa Village in Gifu Prefecture. This village, surrounded by mountains at altitudes exceeding 1,000 meters, produces high-quality tea with rich aromas and deep flavors.

The cafe features distinctive teas from Higashishirakawa Village, including “Icho Sencha,” known for its unique aroma, and domestic black tea called Wakocha, known for its rich fragrance.

In addition to these, the menu includes a variety of teas such as Suizawa tea from Mie, Sayama tea from Saitama, and Kawane tea from Shizuoka. The teapots and teaware used are crafted by artisans from Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, a renowned area for producing quality teapots in Japan. The tea brewed in these Tokoname teapots offers a truly special taste.

They offer a selection of crafted Japanese sweets, including original monaka (sweet wafers filled with sweet bean paste) developed in collaboration with “Fukyuen,” a renowned traditional Japanese confectionery shop in Nagoya. These sweets provide a delightful pairing with Japanese tea, allowing customers to enjoy a harmonious marriage of flavors.

For those who love sweets and tea, the “Hanasenca Two-Tier Afternoon Tea Set” is highly recommended. Located within walking distance from Nagoya Station, it’s easily accessible, making it a perfect stop for anyone exploring the Nagono area.

Store information
Address: 1-18-6, Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi
Phone: 052-526-8739
Opening hours:  12am-6pm
Open seven days a week
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