Providing organic and pesticide-free tea

Chacha Koubou(Takadanobaba, Tokyo)

Chacha Koubou is a Japanese tea cafe located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo. Since its opening in 2003, it has gained popularity among local residents and tea enthusiasts. One of the cafe’s charms is its homely atmosphere, providing a calm space to relax.

The cafe places a strong emphasis on organic and pesticide-free tea leaves, carefully selected from various regions across the country. Green tea sourced from producers in Shizuoka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima are recommended. The taste of tea brewed by the owner, Mr. Aizawa, is exceptional. They provide a teapot with hot water and lukewarm water, allowing customers to enjoy subsequent infusions at their own pace.

In addition to their tea offerings, Chacha Koubou features a variety of sweets that pair well with tea, such as “anmitsu” (sweet red bean with agar-jelly) and “oshiruko” (sweet red bean soup with mochi). Their specially crafted shaved ice, which has been featured in the media, is also popular.

Within the cafe, along with the tea on the menu, they also sell tea utensils and miscellaneous goods curated by the owner. Small teacups that are ideal for enjoying sencha are particularly recommended.

Store Information
Address: 21-19, Nishi-Waseda 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3203-2033
Opening hours: 11:30am-10pm 
Closed on Sundays
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