Ogasawara-ryu Senchado – Sechado School

Ogasawara-ryu Senchado, based in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a school of sencha preparation that actively contributes to the preservation and transmission of Japanese tea culture. Founded with the mission of enhancing Japanese cultural heritage, this school has its roots in serving the successive shoguns of the Kamakura Shogunate, overseeing ceremonies and etiquette.

History of Ogasawara-ryu Senchado

As tea-drinking customs gradually spread to the general populace in the early modern period, Japan found itself in a turbulent era, with the hearts of its people in turmoil. In response to this, influential figures like Ogasawara Naganari and Toyama Mitsuru, prominent figures in the political arena, initiated discussions that led to the creation of Ogasawara-ryu Sencha-do. The inaugural Grand Master was entrusted with the task of reforming society for the sake of maintaining peace. 

Throughout its history, Ogasawara-ryu Senchado has not only preserved the traditions of Japanese tea preparation but also conveyed the importance of sensitivity to beauty, the spirit of hospitality, elegant comportment, and proper manners. These teachings, rooted in the essence of Japanese culture, have been passed down to future generations. 

Philosophy of Ogasawara-ryu Senchado

Today, Ogasawara-ryu Senchado is involved in promoting the culture of senchado not only in Japan but also internationally, in countries like the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. The school’s emphasis on conveying the “beauty of the heart” that transcends changing times and values has garnered widespread appreciation.
The fundamental principle of Ogasawara-ryu Senchado is “Wakei Seijaku,” which can be translated as “Harmony, Respect, Purity, Tranquility.” It encapsulates the essence of this school’s teachings—achieving harmony, deepening respect and trust, maintaining fairness, acting with sincerity, and having both physical and mental composure.

What You Can Learn Through Daily Practice

In their daily practice, students of Ogasawara-ryu Senchado cultivate an enhanced sense of beauty, learn the art of consideration that Japanese people are known for, and imbibe the spirit of Wa (harmony) through study. Training includes various aspects, such as the preparation of Japanese green tea, including Gyokuro, as well as learning about the significance of daily manners and etiquette, seasonal events, and traditions. Through this, they gain a renewed appreciation for the splendor of Japanese culture and learn how to discover happiness.

Ogasawara-ryu Sencha-do warmly welcomes individuals who:

– Wish to learn daily manners and graceful comportment
– Aspire to introduce Japanese tea culture and sencha gatherings abroad
– Have a desire to teach Japanese customs and etiquette to others
– Have a passion for Japanese tea
– Love wearing kimono
– Seek moments of relaxation and tranquility in their lives

About lesson

Ogasawara-ryu Sencha-do operates various schools across Japan, including the Ashiya school, where the current Grand Master, Ogasawara Hidekuni, provides instruction. In Tokyo, there is also the Machida and Jiyugaoka school where students can receive instruction from qualified teachers. For further information on schools across Japan and the Kanto region, please visit their website.

Ogasawara-ryu Senchado Headquarters
Address: 12-2 Higashiyama-cho, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone: 0797-22-5405
Email: seihoukai@ogasawararyuu.or.jp
Official Website: https://www.ogasawararyuu.or.jp/

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