Enjoying special anko sweets and Japanese tea

Chatoan(Asagaya, Tokyo)

Located about a 5-minute walk from Asagaya Station on the JR Chuo Line, nestled in a residential area, you’ll find the Japanese tea cafe, Chatoan. This cafe offers handcrafted sweets made with homemade sweet bean paste (anko) and carefully selected Japanese tea.

The tea menu at Chatoan primarily features tea produced in the mountainous regions of Shizuoka. With around 10 different options on the menu, you can enjoy tea like the rare “Toubettou,” the popular variety “Koushun” known for its fruity aroma, and the distinctive “Yamakai” known for its unique fragrance and sweetness. Each tea’s unique characteristics from its variety and origin are well showcased here.

For the first steeping (first cup), you can relax knowing that the owner, Ms. Masuda, who is well acquainted with the individual characteristics of each tea, brews the tea meticulously in a kyusu (Japanese teapot). Each tea can be enjoyed for second or third steeping, revealing different flavors with each infusion. The tea on the menu is also available for purchase, so you can bring home your favorites.
The pairing of homemade sweet bean paste and Japanese tea is exceptional. The warabi mochi with citrus-flavored sweet bean paste, featuring lemon or yuzu, pairs beautifully with sencha(Steamed green tea)

The “Inaka Shiruko” (countryside red bean soup) with “Shiratama Zenzai” (sweet red bean soup with mochi rice cakes) is also recommended. Experience the wonderful pairing of sweet bean paste and tea.

Chatoan offers a variety of rice-based dishes such as “Sanuki Udon” and “Akameshi Butajiru Set” as well. 

The cafe’s interior boasts a charming and cozy atmosphere without pretense. It’s a comfortable place to relax and enjoy tea at your own pace. Equipped with Wi-Fi, it’s also an ideal spot to get work done while savoring delicious tea. This cafe is truly a gem where you can concentrate on your tasks while indulging in excellent tea.

Store Information
Address: 1-21-28 Asagaya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6265-5993
Opening hours:  10pm-7pm
Closed on Monday 
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