Japanese tea-themed hotel in Tokyo

Hotel 1899 Tokyo(Shinbashi, Tokyo)

Produced by the long-established hotel

Hotel 1899 Tokyo is located in the Shimbashi and Toranomon areas of Tokyo. It is a boutique hotel with a tea-themed concept, operated by the longstanding hotel Ryumeikan established in 1899. The interior and guest rooms are designed with the concept of a “modern interpretation of a tea house experience.” Elements of Japanese tea culture are incorporated throughout the hotel, offering a unique lodging experience.

Welcome with Japanese tea

The hotel’s front desk is a modern space inspired by a tea room. It features a tea counter with a iron tea ceremony pot and table seating inspired by tea canisters, where guests can be welcomed with tea. The front desk is staffed by tea professionals known as “Tea Baristas,” which is the original term used for tea sommeliers.

During their stay, guests can enjoy complimentary freshly brewed sencha and matcha prepared by the Tea Baristas at the front desk.

Guest rooms with the essence of tea

The 63 guest rooms are categorized into four types of designer rooms inspired by a tea house. The rooms feature unique elements such as lighting designs resembling tea strainers and bench sofas reminiscent of engawa (veranda-like space) that contribute to the distinctive ambiance.

The “Superior Double B -ENGAWA-” room (pictured below) is designed for enjoying tea. It is a stylish room where the water source and sink are conveniently placed near the bedroom table for easy tea preparation.

Peaceful time spent surrounded by tea

In each guest room, a set of four different tea and a teapot are provided, allowing guests to enjoy their own pace of tea time in a calming environment.

Amenities also focus on tea, with shampoo and body soap containing green tea extracts.

The hotel’s first floor houses the Japanese tea cafe Chaya 1899 Tokyo, offering a variety of Japanese teas and tea-infused sweets.

With the hospitality of tea and the charm of Japanese tea culture, Hotel 1899 Tokyo provides a rejuvenating experience for both the mind and body. Enjoy a special lodging experience surrounded by tea at this unique establishment.

Hotel Information
Address: 6-4-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3432-1899
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