Specializing in a variety of matcha sweets

Gashoan Chiyoda Main Store(Shizuoka)

Gashoan Chiyoda Main Store is a specialty shop for tea sweets and Japanese tea operated by the Shizuoka-based tea merchant Oyaizu Seicha. 

This shop offers a wide variety of sweets and confections made with Shizuoka tea. The most popular item is the matcha baumkuchen “CHIYO no Wa”. The shop even has its own baumkuchen workshop where they produce these treats.

They use high-quality matcha generously, resulting in an authentic and rich flavor of baumkuchen.

Another highlight is the “Deep Rich Matcha Pound Cake”, which takes the intensity of matcha flavor even further compared to the matcha baumkuchen. It boasts a smooth and moist texture while delivering a profound matcha experience.

In addition to these, they offer a range of Shizuoka tea sweets including the “Marifuku” cream-filled mochi and matcha financiers.
The most popular tea from Oyaizu Seicha is the “Shizu no Homare”. It’s a blended deep-steamed sencha that combines Shizuoka’s Hoyama tea and Kawane tea, striking a perfect balance between umami and astringency.

The cafe space inside the store includes terrace seating, providing an open and inviting atmosphere. 

You can leisurely enjoy various tea sweets here, such as the special Mont Blanc “Mont Geran” topped with matcha gelato and chestnut paste, or the matcha parfait.

Store information 
Address: 7-1-47 Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-267-3008
Opening hours: 10am-7pm 
Open seven days a week
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