Creative Italian cuisine with tea cocktails

Roji Ura no Shiki(Fukuoka)

Italian Restaurant “Roji Ura no Shiki” in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City. Located about a 5-minute walk from Yakuin-Odori Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line.

The concept of the restaurant is “a Japanese restaurant like those in foreign cities.” It offers a variety of dishes that combine Italian cuisine with Japanese ingredients, reflecting the changing seasons. The restaurant also serves original cocktails made with tea produced in Kyushu. These cocktails can be paired with meals for an enjoyable experience.

At Roji Ura no Shiki, creative dishes are offered that capture the unique seasons of Japan. Utilizing Kyushu-grown vegetables and meats, as well as traditional Japanese ingredients like miso, sansho pepper, and dashi broth, the restaurant takes pride in its cooking techniques involving charcoal and sous-vide.

The menu consists exclusively of course meals. The contents of the courses change every three months, allowing patrons to enjoy seasonal dishes featuring fresh ingredients.
The spotlight is on tea cocktails that use tea leaves from Kyushu, such as Yame, Saga’s Ureshino, and Kagoshima. Meticulous about the extraction process, the restaurant offers original cocktails that combine spirits or wine with various types of tea, including sencha, hojicha, and matcha.

The most popular tea cocktail is the “Sencha Homemade Sparkling.” This drink is created by extracting Yame’s deep-steamed sencha in white wine for 5 hours and then injecting it with carbonation. It pairs excellently with meals.

Roji Ura no Shiki also offers “JAPANESE TEA SAKE Yame Hojicha,” a sake made in collaboration with Kitaya, a sake brewery in Yame City. This sake is produced by extracting Kitaya’s special junmai sake with Yame’s carefully selected hojicha from the “Hoshino Seichaen” tea plantation. It’s a unique blend of the rich flavor of junmai sake and the aroma and richness of hojicha.

Bottles of “JAPANESE TEA SAKE Yame Houjicha” are also available for purchase at the restaurant. In addition to tea cocktails, the establishment offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including Japanese cocktails made with seasonal fruits and traditional ingredients, as well as sake and shochu.

The second store “Japanese Salon Shizuku

Around a 10-minute walk from Roji Ura no Shiki,  you’ll find the second branch, “Japanese Salon Shizuku.” Opened in 2019, this bar has a theme centered around Japanese tea. It primarily offers cocktails called “chashu,” made with tea, including variations with gyokuro and sencha. It’s a recommended second stop after dinner at  Roji Ura no Shiki.

Store information
Address: 1-A Queen Santi Tenjin West, 1-4-7 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka 
Phone: 092-775-6221
Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-12pm
Lunch Course Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 12:00/12:30
Closed on Mondays
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