Tea-specialty cafe in Jiyugaoka

THREE TEA CAFE(Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)

THREE TEA CAFE Trainchi Jiyugaoka store is a tea-specialty cafe located in Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka neighborhood. It opened its doors in November 2022 within the commercial complex Trainchi Jiyugaoka, conveniently situated near Jiyugaoka Station.

The cafe is operated by Tokyo Tea Trading, a company engaged in the import and wholesale distribution of tea. Prior to this venture, the same company had run a tea stand called THREE TEA LABORATORY in Shinjuku, Tokyo for a year starting from September 2021.

Enjoy teas from around the world

Evolving from THREE TEA LABORATORY, THREE TEA CAFE was born with the concept of sharing the allure of tea with everyone and proposing teas that suit each individual’s lifestyle.

The menu features 37 varieties of tea primarily centered around green tea, oolong tea, and black tea from Japan, Taiwan, and India, among others. They offer an assortment of tea, including Japanese tea like Kirishima Sencha from Kagoshima and Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro from Fukuoka, as well as oolong tea from Taiwan and China, and black tea from India, Sri Lanka, and Japan.

The 37 types of tea are served using teapots, allowing customers to enjoy the evolving flavors through second and third infusions at their own pace, as hot water bottles are provided.

Enjoy the taste of tea

The menu offers a delightful experience to savor the charm of tea, with a recommended selection called the Tasting Flight set, which enables guests to compare three different teas with varying fermentation levels and processing methods. Another set, World Tea Leaf Comparison, allows one to enjoy one type each of green, oolong, and black tea, featuring Kawane Sencha from Shizuoka, Alishan Oolong Tea from Taiwan, and Ceylon Uva from Sri Lanka.

They also offer Tea Gelato, made from tea and available for purchase. The gelato comes in flavors such as Rich Yame Matcha and Roasted Hojicha, skillfully blending the authentic taste of tea with rich fruit and milk flavors. The gelato can also be taken out and enjoyed along with the tea.

Tea leaves and tea utensils also available

To complement the tea time experience, the cafe also sells tea and tea ware available on their menu. These products make excellent choices for home use as well as for gifting.

Tea leaves are available for purchase by weight, allowing customers to buy their desired quantity starting from 10 grams.

Moreover, the tea from THREE TEA CAFE can be purchased online as well. Be sure to check out their online shop.

Store Information
Address: Trainchi Jiyugaoka, 5-42-3 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
Phone: 03-6459-7517
Opening hours: 11am-7pm 
Open seven days a week
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