Uji tea specialty store established in 1827

Terashimaya Yahei Shoten(Uji, Kyoto)

Byodoin Omotesando, which leads from Uji Station to Byodoin, is an area lined with stores specializing in Japanese tea.
Terashimaya Yahei Shoten, located on Byodoin Omotesando, is a long-established Japanese tea specialty store founded in 1827.The interior of the store has an atmospheric feel with the weight of history. It is as if you have time-traveled back 100 years. The tasteful tea boxes and tea bags are impressive.

About 100 types of tea are lined up at the store. The tea sold is changed according to the season.

At the counter, they let you sample their recommended tea. Please enjoy looking for tea while having a conversation with the store staff.

Store information 
Address: 40-1 Uji renge, Uji City, Kyoto
Phone: 0774-22-3816
Opening hours: 9am-6pm 
Closed on Tuesdays 
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